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More on the Mystery of United Airlines Flight 93: tape ends with the words "... There appears to be a puff of black smoke."

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Listen to the sound clip (MP3 format) of air traffic control receiving communications from Flight 93 on the morning of 9/11

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Air Traffic Control Recording of 9/11 Flight 93


AS readers of this Website know, the government has refused to release recordings of communications from any of the hijacked 9/11 planes [read more]. In fact, it also refuses to release transcripts or any other documents having anything to do with these communications.

However, has posted a sound file of air traffic control during the morning of 9/11. Specifically, Cleveland air traffic control had two brief contacts with United Airlines Flight 93, when the hijackers mistakenly broadcast messages meant only for the plane's passengers.

Since this recording wasn't received by me from the FAA or another government agency, I can't vouch for its authenticity. However, is a very reputable site, often used by the news media as a source of information on airplane accidents, crashes, etc. Some of its forums are moderated by a commercial pilot, a military pilot, and a maintenance inspector. I've chosen to post the sound file here because of's credibility and because if this tape is authentic--which I strongly believe it to be--it is extremely important.

This message accompanies's WAV file (which I've converted to MP3): "Please note that this tape is not chronologically accurate; periods of dead air (silence) have been removed for brevity."

It should also be noted that this is not the Flight 93 cockpit tape that the families of passengers were allowed to hear under strictly controlled conditions in April 2002 [read more]. According to the Associated Press, that tape is around 30 minutes long and the final 5 to 7 minutes are "filled with violence and yelling in both Arabic and English." Obviously, that recording is not the one presented here, which contains four minutes of communications from an air traffic controller, several planes in the vicinity, and two brief bursts from Flight 93.

As far as I know, this is the only available recording of communications from any of the doomed 9/11 planes.

 Thanks to Vince D'eon for pointing this out.

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