Posted Sunday, September 29, 2002

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 Translated from the Arabic by Eric Mueller for this website


as-Safir, Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, Monday, September 30, 2002.



A young Palestinian prisoner lies dead in the street, executed by Israeli troops who (picture below) captured him shortly before. (From IDF files: Pictures added by this website).




In two years of the intifada, Israel "has executed" 120 Palestinian prisoners

A PRESS release issued by the Palestinian Prisoners' Society the day before yesterday says that Israeli occupation forces have "executed" 120 Palestinian prisoners in the last two years and arrested a total of 30,000 Palestinians.

The press release indicated that the killings of prisoners took place in different ways, many directly by shooting the prisoners after they had been arrested and then leaving them to bleed to death while preventing ambulances access to them. The bodies of some of the martyrs who had been so "executed" also showed that their internal organs had been stolen.



Israeli Medical Association (Dec 2001): It's OK to break fingers of Palestinian prisoners during interrogation
Israel "harvests" the vital organs of Palestinian children killed by their Army
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