Posted Sunday, October 6, 2002

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Moscow, October 5, 2002


Eric Mueller comments:

Here's an interesting little piece from the English-language version of I have checked, and it is a direct translation of the Russian version of the story on the same site. I'm not sure who owns/runs, but it is not the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which frequently criticises..

Eric Mueller is this website's expert on Middle Eastern affairs.

America Knows Best Who Should Rule Germany

"It would be better for the chancellor to resign"

Sergey Borisov

THE White House is very much dissatisfied with Germany, and the Pentagon even more so. And all this dissatisfaction is because of the German chancellor's rigid opinion concerning the US-led campaign against Iraq. [Gerhard] Schroeder has indicated several times already that Germany will not participate in this war, even if the UN approves it.

The statement made by German Minister of Justice Herta Däubler-Gmelin when she compared George W. Bush with [Adolf] Hitler only added fuel to the fire.

During the past several days, German diplomats have made every possible effort to reduce the tension in relations with America, which arose after the above mentioned statements.

The scandal seemed practically hushed up when Pentagon senior adviser Richard Perle [who is Jewish] arrived in Berlin. He was the aide to the US defense secretary under Ronald Reagan. As soon as he arrived in Berlin, he immediately announced that Gerhard Schroeder should resign.

Richard PerlePerle doesn't care at all that Germans elected the chancellor in accordance with their domestic interests. However, the American official strongly believes that if the chancellor doesn't support US policy concerning Iraq, he should resign. Germany's Handelsblatt quotes Perle: "It would be better for the chancellor to resign."

Perle says that Schroeder's anti-war election campaign strongly undermined the relations between Germany and America, and in a burst of revelation, he explained to the German people how much the chancellor's pertinacity will cost the country. Does Germany, he asked, still entertain any desire to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council? It should forget about it for a long time, Perle says. According to him, it is because of the chancellor that the problem can be considered once again only by the next generation of Germans.

Germany has been deprived of any authority to influence the Iraqi problem because of Schroeder's "astonishing isolationism," Perle says. He adds that nobody made Schroeder do anything concerning Iraq, the USA especially.

However, the chancellor, says Perle, "preferred to stay with his old friend for the sake of several votes at the elections."

Many observers say that relations between Berlin and Washington are at the lowest level ever registered since the end of WWII. They also admit that Perle's statements proved to be the most harsh within the whole period of preparation for the war in Iraq.

At first, US officials dared to speak only about Hussein's resignation only. But, as we all know, appetite grows while eating.

Sergey Borisov

Translated by Maria Gousseva


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