Subject:   Amazon.Com & Israel

Date:        Sun, 17 Nov 2002 12:32:31 +0000


Dear Amazon,


I have been shocked to get an e-mail from Prof. Mona Baker of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology which indicated that your company advertises itself in the Israeli press via a logo which reads: Buy Amazon.Com and Support Israel and which displays an Israeli flag.

In view of the genocidal ethnic cleansing programme which the Israeli state

has been perpetrating against the indigenous Palestinian people - not just in the past few years, but by means of terrorist activities which pre-dated the establishment of the Israeli state - as the sole cause of the retaliatory suicide bombings by Palestinian militants, who would prefer to die than continue living in squalid Israel-imposed concentration camps such as Gaza.


I have no objection to your advertising your services in the Israeli or any other nations media. But the display advertisement above-mentioned suggests that the profits you derive from your world-wide client base is used to support the policies of the Israeli state and the objectives of Zionism which are, in sum, to drive out all Palestinians, to take their land and to murder any who resist. Thus your advertisement can only be viewed as extremely offensive to all non-Zionists, be they Jew or gentile.

The ethnic cleansing programme of the Jewish state has been compared by Jewish anti-Zionists to the treatment of the ‘Red Indians’ in North America  and the Slavs in Eastern Europe under the Third Reich. If one accepts the theory that Mankind is capable of learning from the past, then what Israel is now doing is morally far worse than those two historical episodes. How world Zionism can promote and defend what Israel is doing behind a cloud of Holocaust propaganda undermines any hope that there might be a finite extent to hypocrisy and cynicism.

How an international book company could bring itself to associate its product and image with such genocidal criminality beggars belief and would seem to indicate that whoever is in charge of Amazon is driven by the same fanatical ethnic self-worship which drives war criminals such as Israeli

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (whose activities during the past two years are now reported to be under investigation by Scotland Yard detectives prior to a potential War Crimes indictment). Unless I get a satisfactory reply from somebody competent to speak on behalf of Amazon undertaking to make its adverts in Israel (and elsewhere) completely apolitical, then I will have no hesitation in bringing this matter to the attention to my many Internet contacts with the request that they:

(a)        Never to buy from ever again.

(b)       Forward this information and request to all their Contacts.

Its not only the organisations and media of Zionist-Jewry who know how to network nowadays, you know. In the face of what the Zionist state is doing, an increasing number of people are no longer cowed by the orchestrated shriek: Anti-Semitism!

Yours faithfully,