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Quick facts on Richard Perle, a security risk

IN 1970 the Federal Bureau of Investigation caught Richard Perle passing US secrets to Israel. According to Seymour Hersh's The Price of Power (1983) pg 322:

In mid-October 1970, [Henry] Kissinger testified, when a second wiretap was authorized for Helmut Sonnenfeldt, who was Kissinger's closest friend on the NSC [National Security Council] staff, his role was even more tangential.... Richard N. Perle, a foreign policy aide to Senator Jackson, was overheard discussing classified information that had been supplied to him by someone on the National Security Council Staff..... Kissinger - perhaps seeking to ward off a Nixon explosion - handed him (Haldeman) the FBI wiretap on the Israeli embassy and requested that the FBI be assigned to determine which NSC staff member was in contact with Richard Perle... Kissinger had to know that Hoover and Haldeman would suspect Sonnenfeldt, whoi was known from previous wiretaps to have close ties to the Israelis as well as Perle.


FACT: Richard Perle is currently one of President Bush's primary advisors, and is affectionately known among his peers as the "Prince of Darkness." He is one of the forces in Washington known to have long plotted the coming assault on Iraq, a sovereign country: i.e. a war crime.

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