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AC130 gunship"Your tax dollars at work. We've acquired actual footage of an attack on a stronghold in Afghanistan"

AC-130 Gunship Footage -- Afghanistan [2003]

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click for video: the settlement under attack"THAT'S the mosque. Do not engage the mosque! … Clear to engage."

-- And you thought the war in Afghanistan was over?

Remember the Afghan village wedding party last year which the Pentagon accused of firing at one of their giant AC-130 gunships? -- Which justified the gunship in putting a bloody end to the festivities? (The shamed US commander sent in special forces afterwards to remove all traces of spent ammunition from the ground and buildings).

Well here is another one, only this time it is worse: because you can see and hear it all from the viewpoint of the triggermen. This is a disturbing leaked video of Afghans, evidently civilians, being murdered in cold blood by a US air force AC-130 gunship. The video dates from this year, 2003.

Using body heat-sensing technology to sight its targets, the gunship rattles cannon fire and munitions down onto an undefended Afghan settlement. One by one the long-range infra-red cameras, and then the guns and rockets, focus on and take out the figures running for their lives. Nobody must be allowed to escape. The calm-voiced, professional airmen try to ensure that there are no survivors (but the mosque itself is at first spared, to avoid bad publicity).

The unedited gunship camera video has probably been leaked onto the Internet by a US officer concerned about possible violations of the Geneva Convention for the protection of non-combatants in war situations, though he risks court martial. One conscientious officer among, we hope, many. We see and hear the killing of at least forty targets. Who were they? All we know is that they are people running at the sight of a firing plane. One cold-blooded gunner is heard to comment, of a fleeing man who is finally taken down, "I saw him go down earlier; he was in his forties."

What psychopathic monsters, what further Maryland snipers, are the mindless United States military unleashing on their own civilian population when killers like these are released from the service.


David Irving comments:

  I AM and always have been on the side of the innocents, in all wars, regardless of colour or beliefs. What defines these shadowy fleeing figures as killable combatants in the opinion of the aircrew and their airborne controller, circling at an altitude of several miles overhead? If ever there was prima facie evidence of a Geneva war crime, it is this kind of video. Please somebody make a copy of it, in case it vanishes too soon down the memory hole. And . . . there is a reward waiting for the first officer to leak the gun camera video of the US fighter that shot down United Airlines flight 93 over Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.


Correcting the facts: AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan (Letter)
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