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October 20-29: DAVID IRVING, the world's most controversial historian on lecture tour in Hungary

DAVID IRVING is one of the world's best-known historians and a widely-read biographer of the World War II leaders Hitler and Churchill and their generals, and the promoter of a world-wide movement which he calls Real History.

For the first time in twenthy-two years Uprising, his work on the 1956 Hungarian revolution, first published in 1981 by leading British and German publishers (Hodder, Bertelsmann, Rowohlt) is available in the Hungarian language.

By invitation of the Budapest publisher (Gede Testvérek Bt.), the author is to visit Hungary on a lecture and book-signing tour from October 20 to 29. He will figure as a guest speaker at the book launch in Budapest. He will then hold several lectures in the capital as well as major regional cities.Uprising English The subjects of the lectures will include The 1956 Hungarian Revolution, The controversial issues of the 2nd World War, the developing findings on research into the Jewish Holocaust, the struggle for Real History, and the fight for freedom of speech.

David Irving will speak at lectures and appear at book signings on the following dates.


October 21 - Uprising Book Launch and media release, 5pm, Szabó Dezsõ Színház (V. ker. Szabadság tér 2.)
October 22 - Book signing between, 3pm - 5pm, Arcvonal Irodalmi Kávéház (V. ker. Haris köz 3.)
October 22 - Book signing between, 6pm - 8pm, Fehérlófia Könyvesbolt (VIII. ker. József u. 8.)
October 23 - Book signing and speech at the commemoration of the revolution, MIÉP Rally, 3pm, (Hõsök tere)
October 24 - Book signing between, 2pm - 4pm, Emese Álma Könyvesbolt (X. Fehér út 2.)
October 24 - Book signing and speech, 5pm, talk on „My research of real history and freedom of speech". University of Sports (XII. ker. Alkotás u. 44.)

Uprising GermanRegional Cities

October 25 - Book signing between 11am - 1pm in Miskolc, Szkítia Könyvesbolt, (Széchenyi u. 52.)
October 25 - Speech and book signing 4pm in Debrecen, (MIÉP-székház, Piac u. 57. Amfora udvar)
October 26 - Speech and book signing 5pm in Szeged, Bartók Béla Mûvelõdési Ház, (Vörösmarty u. 3.)
October 27 - Speech and book signing 5pm in Pécs, Ifjúsági Ház, (Nagy Lajos király útja 13.)
October 28 - Speech and book signing 4pm, Gyõr, Petõfi Sándor Mûvelõdési Ház, (Árpád út 44.)
October 28 - Farewell speech dinner, 8pm, Szabó Dezsõ Színház, (Budapest V. ker. Szabadság tér 2.)

(If you would like to attend the dinner you must RSVP by October 26, for further information please contact Gede Testvérek BT ph: 349-4552)

Friends of Real History are invited to attend with open arms by Gede Testvérek BT.

The price of the book Uprising (Hungarian Edition) is 3700 Hungarian Ft.

For information phone Tibor Gede at Budapest 349 4552

Or email

Or write to Tibor Gede
Gede Testvérek Bt.
1385 Budapest 62
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