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Posted Monday, November 17, 2003

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Monday, November 17, 2003



David Irving comments:

PENDING the release of further reliable information, that was my initial opinion also. I remarked at once that if these were suicide blasts, then Islamic organizations would be behind them; if somebody merely parked the vehicles and detonated them from a safe distance, that had all the hallmarks of a Mossad operation. The car bomb has been their weapon of choice for at least the last twenty-five years.
   Remember the car bomb that ended the life of Bashir Gemayel the Christian president of Lebanon, shortly after his appointment?
   A few days later -- it was the summer of 1982 I think -- the International Herald Tribune had a small story reporting that Beirut police had stopped a car driven by a woman across the Israeli-controlled cordon ringing the city. The car was laden with explosives in packets bearing Hebrew markings. The woman told police she had been directed by Israeli agents to park the car near another important Beirut politician's home.
   I scoured all the other newspapers of that day for further details -- the item was not even mentioned.

I HAVE long had my suspicions about the car bomb which detonated in the garage beneath the Buenos Aires headquarters of the DAIA, the umbrella organization for all Jewish bodies in the Argentine in April 1992. It killed scores of people in the building, and has never been satisfactorily explained. Israel recently pointed the finger at an Iranian diplomat; he was held briefly in London but released a few days ago, because there was no evidence linking him to the atrocity which could convince even a British magistrate.
   I remember the story, because the Argentinian prime minister Carlos Menem, who was very close to Israeli organized crime, made a speech in which he linked the blast to the recent presence in that country of a British historian (namely myself, on a speaking tour); the DAIA had launched a widely publicized attack on me on the day of my arrival, calling me an "agitador internacional", which resulted in the cancellation of most of the television interviews, and several university invitations.
   Menem's speech also had the effect that my main South American publisher, Planeta, cancelled all further book contracts -- though expressing the utmost regret in the process. So I was annoyed, but not that annoyed.
   Another detail: A few years later, in 1995, the Associated Press stated that I was believed to have supplied the trigger mechanism used by Timothy McVeigh for his Oklahoma City bomb. McVeigh's attorney Stephen Jones repeated this, and later apologized to me -- his source had been the Jewish Telegraph Agency, he said.
   Simple fact: I wouldn't know which aisle of Kmart you buy "trigger mechanisms" in.

THE initial story from Istanbul was that two "suicide" bombers planted the vehicles near the synagogues. It has now been discounted by CCTV video evidence which shows drivers walking away from the red Fiat and the other vehicle before they blew up.



Turkey Synagogue Bombing -- 'It's The Mossad Stupid'

By Margalit Cohen
Sydney, Australia

JUST like with the bombings of Iraqis and other Arabs . . . which are blamed on 'al Qaeda' . . . this one smells of the Mossad. Please read an almost identical Mossad operation (very well documented) on our Iraqi Jews.

As hard for it is for decent people of any religion to believe, Zionists have sacrificed Jews for their own devices many times . . . it is a fact.

The bombings in Iraq against Iraqis and especially the most recent blasts in Saudi Arabia killing Arabs are both Mossad templates. For the most part, Arabs don't kill Arabs in bomb blasts if it can be avoided.

In Iraq, killing civilians in 'suicide bombings' can serve to turn Iraqis against the 'resistance' and toward the US occupation forces . . . at least that would be the logic for a Mossad operation.

In Saudi Arabia, the bombings were immediately labeled as the work of 'Al Qaeda' . . . a transparent joke.

And now Turkey. Remember always to ask yourself immediately: geopolitically who benefits the most?

The majority of phone calls and reports of organizations taking 'credit' for bombings are probably bogus and not made by the people actually responsible. It's all too easy to manipulate.

I just watched the BBC report from the synagogue bombing in Turkey . . . blood everywhere.

I listened very carefully to this initial report . . . so as to soak up every detail before the spins began.

  1. Some 'official' said that they had received one telephone from a Moslem organization taking credit for the bombs.
  2. The reporter was very careful to emphasise that this organization has been quiet for a long time, apparenty inactive, and that everybody in Turkey was more than surprised to hear that this organization would allegedly be involved in such a major bombing.
  3. The reporter, to my surprise, was also very careful to emphasize that this Moslem organization has never attacked Jews, and had always concentrated only on objecting to secular Turkish institutions.
  4. CNN few minutes ago, 'reluctantly' announced that the Turkish government does not believe that this crime was done by ANY local Turkish organization, but it is the work of an international organization. CNN, 'as usual', immediately contributed their own opinion: that the bombing was done by 'al Qaeda'. It has become very clear that CNN and Fox have turned into mouthpieces for the Zionist Israeli government.
  5. I would hope that the public will finally realize that there is scant evidence that al Qaeda exists today. Most of al Qaeda was vaporized in their caves in the Afghan mountains. This allows the CIA, Zionist, and Pentagon to conduct their manipulative wave of terrorism undisturbed, and no one will ever blame them. Please pay attention that ALL references and innuendos in the 'news' are just assumptions coming from 'experts' or 'authorities' provided to CNN and Fox by 'confidential unidentified military sources'.

My conclusion:

  • The 'telephone call' claiming credit for the bombing means nothing, zero.
  • Traditionally, many people make calls after bombings to put the blame on someone else.
  • This was likely an Israeli job with the trained media putting the blame on an 'Islamic' organization which the current Turkish government hates.

Talking about crocodile tears, Israel just announced, as I am writing this, that they will be glad to help Turkey to 'fight terrorism and find the terrorists. ' Sure.


Resistance kills Mossad agents in Iraq
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