Posted Thursday, November 13, 2003

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South African Broadcasting Corporation

David Irving comments:

THE "Israeli Mafia" is getting a lot of press in South Africa in the wake of the Nov 10, 2003 assassination of a socialite who was on her way to court to testify against the Jewish thug who murdered her diamond-dealing husband.
   Johannesburg's top cop confirms that their mobsters are "involved in all sorts of shady activities including diamond smuggling, drug peddling, money laundering etc."
   This comes as a very great shock and surprise to us all, as I am sure it did to this policeman. We had believed until now that gem dealers were involved only in harmless stuff like slave-trafficking in naive young girls from the former Soviet bloc, drug-dealing, money laundering for terror groups, and helping to procure surface-to-air missiles for new York's al-Qaeda stringers, and the like.
   The story is getting oodles of coverage in the South African press, and we'll keep a sleepy half-eye fixed upon it for you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

[Israeli Mafia confirmed active in South Africa]


THE South African Police Service has confirmed that the Israeli mafia exists in South Africa and is very active in the northern surbubs of Johannesburg. This follows rumours that Johannesburg socialite Hazel Crane's murder yesterday [see below], and that of her husband diamond dealer, Shai Avissar, in 1999 are the works of the mafia.

"It most definitely exists, there is no doubt about that," Chris Wilken, the Johannesburg Police Senior Superintendent, said today. "I mean it's coming way back, if you take the murder of Shai Avissar." Wilken said the mafia was involved in all sorts of shady activities including diamond smuggling, drug peddling, money laundering etc. "They are quite busy in the northern surbubs of Johannesburg." "I think there were three or four murders in particular in that area," Wilken said.

Crane, a close friend of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was gunned down in the northern Johannesburg suburb of Athol-Oaklands yesterday. She was on her way to the Johannesburg High Court to testify in the jurisdiction hearing of Israeli diamond dealer and alleged mafia member Lior Saat (33), accused of murdering her husband.

Avissar, an alleged mafia godfather himself, was last seen alive at a fast-food outlet in Norwood. In January 2000 his battered body was found by police in a shallow grave on a smallholding in Erasmia, Pretoria.

Saat is alleged to have bludgeoned Avissar to death in October 1999, in Sunninghill, east of Johannesburg. He appeared in court yesterday despite the fact that a key witnesses in his trial had been eliminated. An Israeli national, Saat is challenging the jurisdiction of the South African courts to try him. He claims he was abducted from the Mozambican border and brought to South Africa illegally. [Website comment: Like Eichmann, abducted to Israel in 1960].

Wilken said two more suspects in the Avissar murder, also believed to be with the Israeli mafia, left the country after the incident. He said the latest developments require that they look at the "whole thing from the beginning again".

South African Broadcasting Corporation
November 11, 2003, 05:58 AM)

Police following strong leads on Crane's assassination

A MANHUNT is under way for the man who shot Hazel Crane, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's close friend, with police saying they are following strong leads. Crane, a Johannesburg socialite, was shot dead yesterday while on her way to the Johannesburg High Court.

A jurisdiction verdict could be handed down today or tomorrow on whether Lior Saat, an Israeli diamond dealer and alleged Mafia member, should be tried in South Africa. Saat is accused of murdering Crane's estranged husband, Shai Avissar, in 1999. Saat is challenging the jurisdiction of South African courts to try him.

Crane's assailant is believed to have hidden behind a dustbin in anticipation of her arrival at the scene. Once she was spotted, he opened fire. Crane later died in hospital. The assailant was apparently seen fleeing the scene by various witnesses.


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