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Posted Thursday, December 25, 2003

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Denver Post

Denver, Colorado, Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Readers comment on the article by Dani Newsum: "Nazi swill, coming soon."


NO historian is totally without some of bias, but having noted that, Irving's works are quite interesting and informative, since he learned German to speak directly with German WW2 vets and survivors. For this pinhead "reporter" to be so contemptuous of Irving's scholarship is nothing short of hilarious! -- Greg Krieger

READING this former "snivel rites" shyster (surprise, surprise) bloviating about matters her 85 I.Q. precludes her from comprehending was more fun than watching an old Amos 'n' Andy episode. I won't waste time refuting her (it's both pointless & unnecessary to "refute" a diatribe of moronic insults anyway). Instead, I'll just mention two vital points for readers to ponder:

  1. The Jew's standard Hollowcost yarn states that those Nahzee monsters exterminated God's Li'l Darlings by dropping Zyklon B into the Auschwitz "gas chamber" through holes in the concrete roof. If this is true, why are these Holes o' Death so conspicuous by their absence?
  2. If Auschwitz was indeed a "death camp" snuffing millions of jews with Zyklon B, why did the Oranienburg camp - which even the jews admit never was a "death camp" - RECEIVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF ZYKLON B AS AUSCHWITZ? Why, them lousy Krauts musta been eatin' it, then!

I've made none of this up - after all, the Jews are history's masters at that. Look it up for yourselves here: -- Dirk James

THIS article is idiotic. Irving has written over thirty books. Until he questioned whether there was a written direction from Hitler authorizing the extermination of the jews and publicised the chemical analysis of Auschwitz, he had been regarded as the top rated historian and authority on Hitler, the Nazis and WWII, He went to primary sources and interviewed personalities involved. Now he is public enemy number one because the Zionists have decided he is too dangerous for their scam. The author of this article hasn't a clue. -- John

The very people who "used to" champion free speech now only "allow it" when it's on their side, from their point of view. What hypocrisy! Where is the ACLU now? Oh, it was very activist when it was needed to push a certain agenda (no, we can't speak of that, because it's suppressed in our media today). Blacks and other minorities are only used by the powers that be to push their own agenda. It will come back to bite them. -- Glenda Smith

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