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Posted Friday, December 19, 2003

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On the road from Seattle to Moscow, Idaho (picture by David Irving)



David Irving comments:

"HOLOCAUST denier" is the term which now routinely replaces the smear "anti-Semite." I have never written a book or even an article on the H-subject. I find it boring.
Since polls show that 75 percent of the population in most civilised countries in the world is now anti-Semitic (by Jewish definitions), to be accused of being part of this evident majority no longer carries the sting it did in, say, the Thirties. It is like saying, "Irving has two eyes, a nose and a mouth."
   Their smear is untrue anyway, whichever way they phrase it.

INCIDENTALLY, to "exonerate" the AmeriHost Inn -- we did not hold the function there, but at another location in this small and not unattractive town. The cops with whom I spoke were contemptuous of hotel manager Jeff Cheser, stating that he was an "a**hole."
   Three patrol cars had converged on my vehicle. I asked how patrol cars many this little town's force had. "Ten," said the officer, adding: "We're just obeying orders."
   "That's what Saddam's officers are probably saying," I replied.
   "Nice comeback, that," said the officer, and we shook hands and parted. He had also stated that his orders were to protect my safety, in case the traditional enemies of free speech tried to use violence.


See this passage from WHAT IS "ANTISEMITISM?" Deconstructing the Psychoanalytic Base, by Chad Powers

"The American Jewish Committee, for example, held an important major conference on anti-Semitism in 1946, when the Jewish community was in utmost turmoil and worry that anti-Jewish hostility from Europe (where a less than flattering Jewish history was long and well-known) might spread. Major Jewish organizations began here to lay the groundwork for the massive propaganda campaign, the campaign that has so totally engulfed us today in establishing the "Holocaust" as the monolithic shield against criticizing Jewry and protecting them from further hostility -- the "Holocaust" as, of course, the pillar of unassailably sacrosanct Jewish moral worth in the modern world."

Moscow (Idaho) Daily News

[photo: not shown] The Mark IV Restaurant on north Main Street in Moscow was closed Tuesday night, denying Holocaust revisionist David Irving that venue for a speaking engagement.

Motel turns away Irving; Holocaust denier threatens lawsuit against Mark IV

by Alexis Bacharach

DAVID Irving did not receive a warm welcome Tuesday when he arrived at the Mark IV Motor Inn in Moscow [Idaho].

The internationally known Holocaust denier threatened to sue the establishment when he was ordered to leave upon his arrival.

"I have contacted my attorneys and I plan to sue for $2,000 in damages and breach of contract," Irving told the Daily News as he left the motel.

Until he arrived in town, the details surrounding Irving's visit were limited. According to his Web site, he planned to host an event somewhere in Moscow. At approximately 4 p.m. Tuesday, Mark IV manager Jeff Cheser realized his hotel was the chosen location when Irving entered the lobby.

Cheser began to receive inquiries early in the week about an event associated with the Holocaust revisionist. He heard from several people that Irving said he would speak at the Mark IV. When he looked into the situation further, Cheser discovered a reservation for a gentleman by the name of Alfred Holden.

"I called the number listed with the reservation and was told that no one by that name (Holden) lived there," Cheser said. "We will close up early so this event can't take place. It will hurt business tonight, but, in the long-term picture, we won't be identified as a supporter of an anti-Semitic event. This is private property, and we have the right to refuse service to anyone. I'm not going to rent this guy a room."

The Moscow Police Department was notified when Irving tried to check in, but he left before the officers arrived.

A few blocks away, on the corner of Jackson and A streets, three police cars lined the sidewalk behind a Black Lincoln Town Car. Irving stepped out of the SUV and spoke with the police for several minutes, after he was served with a notice of trespass from the Mark IV.

Moscow Police Capt. David Duke [sic] described the incident as a routine stop, and said Irving was free to reschedule his event at another location. But, he added that police would respond if Irving returned to the Mark IV property. Officers parked across the street from the motel to keep an eye on things.

Despite the unfriendly welcome, Irving found a place to carry on with his event.

Shan Dudley at the AmeriHost Inn on Warbonnet Drive, said Irving had reserved space months in advance under a different name. She added that no one at the hotel was aware of the subject of his discussion, which reportedly attracted a handful of people, or that Irving was a Holocaust denier.

Wherever Irving spread his message, Cheser is just happy it wasn't at the Mark IV. At around 6 p.m. on Tuesday the sign outside the Mark IV restaurant read "CLOSED TONIGHT SORRY."

"We won't promote any anti-Semitism here," Cheser said. "We received calls from protesters all week saying they couldn't believe we were allowing Irving to use our space, I told them that wasn't going to happen."

Irving speaks at a hotel near Denver airport on Saturday.


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