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Posted Tuesday, December 16, 2003

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Eric Mueller comments:

THIS is a translation of the statement issued (underground, of course) by the Iraqi Baath Party on the arrest of President Saddam Hussein.

Arabist Eric Mueller is this website's expert on Middle Eastern affairs.



Saddam Hussein

Statement by the Iraqi Branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.

The Arab Socialist Baath Party.

"One Arab Nation, With an Everlasting Mission."

"Unity, Freedom, Socialism."

Statement on the imprisonment of our comrade the General Secretary by the occupation forces in Iraq.

SONS and daughters of the Iraqi people and the Arab Nation!

Baathist Comrades!

IN the course of the on-going confrontation between the heroic Iraqi Resistance led by the Arab Socialist Baath Party and the occupation forces and their stooges in Iraq, and at a time of intensified operations by the occupation forces as they desperately attempt to strike at and stop the escalating armed Resistance, American occupation forces with the help of mercenary traitors managed to carry out a combined operation that targeted a number of alternative points -- both real potential locations and decoy locations -- in various parts of Salah ad-Din Province while our comrade General Secretary was on the move.

The operation made use of biologically effective interventions in order to take our comrade, the General Secretary and Chief Secretary of the Iraqi Branch of the Party, the militant Saddam Hussein, prisoner. That event took place before midnight on Saturday, December 13, 2003.

The heroic armed Resistance, guided by its political and strategic programs, will never stop. No, it will continue, escalating its designated line in accordance with tactical demands and the strategic aim of "expelling the occupation forces, liberating Iraq, and preserving it as one unified homeland for all Iraqis." That which has been laid out by the Command of the Political Resistance and that which has been learned by fighting detachments will continue to be implemented with lofty zeal, fighting spirit, clear vision, and firm resolve, embodying the principled and militant characteristics and virtues of our comrade the General Secretary.

The Baath, the Resistance, and all noble minded Arabs and human beings are certain that his firmly rooted faith, his strong fighting spirit, his authentic Arab honor, his iron Iraqi unyileldingness, and his unique personal potency will inform the great battle of defiance that our comrade the General Secretary will wage inside the enemy prison camp, a battle that will add a new and eternal epic chapter to the life of Saddam Hussein, a man dear to the hearts of Iraqis, Arabs, and all progressives in the world.
Long live free Iraq! Defeat the occupation!
Long live the heroic Iraqi Resistance!
Long live the Comrade General Secretary and Chief Secretary of the Iraqi Branch of the Party, the militant Saddam Hussein!
Long live Palestine, beloved of comrade Saddam Hussein, Free and Arab!

God is Greatest! God is Greatest! And may the despicable be despised!

Apparatus for Political Information and Publication,
Arab Socialist Baath Party

December 15, 2003.

The above item is reproduced without editing other than typographical

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