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Posted Tuesday, December 16, 2003

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Eric Mueller comments:

THIS is a rendition of the lead, front page story from the Jordanian daily al-Arab al-Yawm which describes the dismal situation in occupied Baghdad, and relates that Ariel Sharon was the first leader to see Saddam Hussein as a prisoner!
   That is interesting in itself, but there are some other pieces that might be added to that bit of information to make a still more intriguing picture.
   A couple days ago press reports indicated that an American special unit called Task Force 121 was involved in the capture of the Iraqi President.
   A few days before that (on December 9) the British Guardian published an article saying that Task Force 121 was being trained by the "Israelis."
   So, putting all those pieces together, I don't think that Sharon just happened to drop by Baghdad Airport on Sunday -- just when they happened to be transporting Saddam Hussein out of the country.
   If true, it's another confirmation of the Israeli role in the American war on Iraq.

Arabist Eric Mueller is this website's expert on Middle Eastern affairs.

al-Arab al-Yawm
Amman, Jordan, Wednesday, December 17, 2003

THE Iraqi capital Baghdad was transformed into a military camp as the occupation army braced itself for an offensive from the Iraqi Resistance.

The millions of Iraqi civilian residents of their country's capital were unable to walk about safely and normally or to drive their cars around their city because of dozens of cement barricades, barbed wire entanglements, security points, and patrols by the occupation forces and collaborator militias.

Ahmad Sabri, Baghdad correspondent of the Amman daily al-Arab al-Yawm, reported that pedestrian and motor traffic in Baghdad, and movement from one part of the city to another, was blocked and obstructed as never before in the entire 1200 years of the city's existence.

Yet the barricades and barbed wire only serve to increase the terror of death for Iraqis, as anyone approaching the often camouflaged checkpoints is in the cross-hairs of occupation soldiers' automatic weapons. If a soldier so much as suspects that an approaching person or vehicle might pose a threat he is liable to open fire without warning, or with a warning in an alien language that most Iraqis cannot understand.

The spectacle of the occupation military and their collaborating stooges repeated itself again and again in district after district of the sprawling Iraqi capital as the aggressor forces tried to prepare themselves for a new offensive by the Iraqi popular Resistance as it seeks to inflict some sort of retribution on the occupiers for capturing and imprisoning the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Concerning the imprisoned Iraqi President, word leaked out from sources close to the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council that the "prime minister" of the Zionist Entity, Ariel Sharon, was the first leader to view the captured Iraqi President even before word of his imprisonment had been announced.

Naser Mahmud, an Iraqi politician who is close to the so-called Interim Governing Council, confirmed that American Proconsul of Iraq L. Paul Bremer received the Zionist criminal at Saddam International Airport in the occupied Iraqi capital last Sunday night after Sharon had arrived on an "Israeli" airplane accompanied by a group of aides and Mossad agents. After learning from Bremer that the Iraqi President had been captured and was in the airport, Sharon asked to see Saddam Hussein, "so that he might be the first to see Saddam as a prisoner."

Saddam HusseinThe Zionist criminal, butcher of Sabra and Shatila, reportedly spent the night in Baghdad congratulating and celebrating with the American occupation forces.

In the last 24 hours US occupation forces shot and killed 40 Iraqi citizens as they suppressed massive demonstrations in support of imprisoned Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Protests have swept the occupied country as news spread about the American capture of the Iraqi President.

Eyewitnesses in the Baghdad Sunni neighborhood of al-A'zamiyah said that 22 demonstrators for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein died as martyrs under the hail of American bullets on Monday and Tuesday

The above item is reproduced without editing other than typographical

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