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Posted Monday, February 23, 2004

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Copenhagen, Monday, February 23, 2004



Front pageAn Evening with Hitler's Spin-doctor [Danish original]

Ekstra Bladet's reporter has infiltrated the Danish inner circle of academicians and half educated Nazis.

By Kaare Quist

WE are laughing loudly at the Jews, who claim that they have lost whole families in the gas chambers of the Nazis. We shake our heads agreeably at the Holocaust industry, which lives off the Jews' vulgar and false tales of suffering.

Thanks to my false identity as an unemployed historian with the correct racist attitude, I have for several days been part of the handful of men, who constitute David Irving's Danish inner circle.

Glen, my neighbour at the table, is outraged when he tells about the Jewish witnesses, who in reality never have sat their fat feet in a concentration camp. - They have probably made their own damned striped pyjamas, he says in such a loud voice, that a middle-aged married couple at the neighbouring table is staring at us. But we are just grinning back.

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David Irving comments:

ONE of the members who sat for two hours around the table on Saturday -- in an otherwise empty side room of the Falconer hotel, Copenhagen -- was in fact a journalist, who wrote this despicable article. It bears little resemble to the actual discussion -- presumably because Ekstra-Bladet would not have bought it from him otherwise. There was no discussion whatever by me of the Jews, or the Holocaust. Both are topics which bore.
   The Journalist had not been invited by us, but no doubt in good faith by Prof. Christian Lindtner, a Copenhagen academic, who will however in consequence no longer be welcome at our functions; we make it a point of principle that media representatives are not welcome to attend, as they have done us few favours in the past.

We are grinning at the reporters, who do not understand anything. The former lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, Christian [Lindtner], says:

- I am dreaming that a reporter will ask me why I do not believe that Hitler gassed the Jews, "Show me a picture of a gas chamber", I will answer. Then they will go to the archives and return with a picture of the crematories. "No, no, little friend. I said a gas chamber - not a crematorium", I will then say.

- And we can go on, until the stupid reporter finally understands. There are no real pictures of a gas chamber. Because they have never existed.

The inner circle It is Saturday evening, and I am a participant in a secret and very private dinner [Website note: a private luncheon, 3 p.m.] with Hitler's spin-doctor - the notorious Nazi-liar and falsifier of history David Irving.

Thanks to my false identity as an unemployed historian with the correct racist attitude, I have for several days been part of the little handful of men, who constitute David Irving's Danish inner circle.

Several of the person in attendance know each other from the society "Danish Society for Free Historical Research", where Christian plays a prominent role.

Earlier this day David Irving should have spoken at "Waldes Jægerhytte" at Nörrebro. The lecture is cancelled, because a newspaper has revealed the address. - This is the reason why we arrange a little informal meeting later this afternoon. It would be nice if you and your colleague could come, the invitation from Christian sounds in the telephone.

Lektor in uniform Now the affected man sits in front of me, dressed in a jacket and a beige knitted coat printed with the word "Polizei".

We are a little closed circle of six men. Assembled in the exclusive restaurant at the Radisson SAS Hotel at Fredriksberg for some food and a good-natured smearing of the Jews.

A reporter from Ekstra Bladet with a false name. My "colleague" who is accompanying me is, as a matter of fact, a real historian. He will see to that I am shielded, if the gaps in my knowledge of history are too striking.

Glenn, my neighbour at the table, turns out to be a 23 years old student, who in his spare time is working on getting rid of Genocide. Glenn is webmaster at - a homepage which is persistently claiming, the no Jews were gassed. Nor does Glen conceal that he is an anti-semite.

- It is easy to be one in this group. Christian is after all my mentor, he says, and he calls attention to the lecturer, who honoured nods back.

At the end of the table David Irving is throning, like an angry bull in a dark blue pullover. He looks like he is not impressed by the company. In addition he is in low spirit, because an Italian restaurant has turned him down earlier this evening, because they recognized him from the television. [Website note: this is pure fiction; Mr Irving worked all day in my room, and came to the hotel for this afternoon luncheon.]

Irving's court snake At the left of Irving sits the riddle of the evening, the man behind the Englishman's visit to Denmark. His name is Robert Alexander. A semi-strong and nervous man in a light blue shirt and a green oil-skin jacket.

Christian explains, that Robert Alexander has studied history at the university, but that he never finished. He has never left home, it later turns out.

Exactly what his occupation is, no one seems to know. But it is Robert Alexander, who is the person who is financing David Irving's visit.

Like a humble and servile court snake he trails in the footsteps of the English historian. Alexander pays and pays. For the taxis, at the restaurants, at the hotels. [Website note: This is true, the over-generous Mr Craft found himself paying for this un-invited journalist's meal.]

Ruined liar Because David Irving, after losing a fortune on a trial, lacks money. In return he has the court's statement that he is a racist, a falsifier of history and an anti-semite, and that he associates with neo-Nazis.

This evening Irving is not exactly a man who spreads joy, when he alternates between humiliating his benefactor Robert Alexander and his supine admirer Christian in the Polizei- coat.

Robert Alexander has unfortunately an unlucky tendency to lose focus, when Irving unfolds the finer details of the lost trial.

Christian Lindtner and journalist- Do I bore you? Irving's voice sounds like a crack of a whip, when Robert Alexander looses concentration.

- Maybe you are leaving?, the Englishman flashes a little later, because Robert Alexander has not taken off his oil-skin jacket during the dinner.

Praises Hitler It is another thing with Christian. He has a tendency to laugh at the completely wrong moments. For example when Irving suddenly announces, that he is bored with the Holocaust, after the lost trial.

And so the evening elapses. Sometimes we have a good laugh of the Jews, to soften the conflicts a little. Then David Irving praises Hitler - and immediately the good atmosphere returns. [Website note: This is a travesty of the actual discussion, for which see our account published before this news story.]

Like a well-oiled war machine we work our way through the courses of beef tenderloin, fish, red wine, dessert, coffee and even an liqueur. The staff serve us with smiles, while they pretend not to listen to what we are talking about.

At the end of the afternoon we are joined by a red-haired man, who is only named Ib. It is only Robert who knows him, and the only thing he says this afternoon, is that he has nothing to do with those pictures on the internet.

"A man of honour" At 1015 p.m. David Irving signals that the audience is at an end. One by one we thank for an unforgettable evening [sic] in an excessive and servile way.

The alcohol has made the stiff Englishman a little more relaxed, but he stubbornly refuses to allow being photographed. [Website note:By this time it was apparent to Mr Irving that there was something odd about this importunate writer, and he was in conseqence not informed of subsequent plans. The photograph taken by the journalist shows Lindtner in a McDonald's an hour or two after the meeting.] In return he invites all to his secret speech the day after. [Website note: so how come the journalist was not told where it was!.]

- Tomorrow at 0300 p.m. - the same place, the invitation sounds. Christian responds by solemnly designating David Irving to a man of honour.

An evening with Hitler's spin-doctor is at an end.


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