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Posted Friday, April 9, 2004

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Friday, April 9, 2004


One reader writes from Germany, Friday, April 9, 2004: "THE problem is not Google's ranking of the jewwatch-site but the suppression of important pages within the jewwatch-site. Almost all articles of the rubrique "Zionism" of are blocked by deviating you to the jewish organisation Hagshama. Even the Internet Archive/WayBackMachine is blocked as to these pages and insofar worthless for the researcher. I corresponded with responsables of the Internet Archive, but they do or will not understand my problem. Thus the freedom of free information is severely violated. Best regards, Montecuccoli

Another reader provides a copy of the email which "suggests" how to alter Google's ranking of the Jew Watch website. The sender of the email making the "suggestion"used a forged return address -- afraid to sign their name -- but the header shows the originating IP address came from an Earthlink email account:

Received: from ( []) [...] Received: from ([] by [...]

Subject: Helping hate sites in the Search Engines - [URL deleted]


Please be aware that your site links to a hate group, called "Jew Watch" ( By linking to this hate group, you are helping their web site in the search engines. How?

(1) A portion of your Google Page Rank (PR) is transferred through each outgoing link, bolstering the Google PR of every site to which you link. PR is one factor in the Google algorithm.

(2) Another factor in Google's algorithm is the site's estimated "importance," which is based upon the number of other sites that link to it. Especially if the other sites also contain the word "Jew."

IMPORTANT: By the way, Google-bombing will NOT remove this hate site from search engines. Quite the contrary, because Google-bombing increases the hate site's Google PR and "importance." For example, if you Google-bomb JewWatch for the keyphrase, "Hate Site," then it will eventually rank highly for BOTH "Hate Site" and "Jew." Surely, this is not the result you were hoping for.

Here is the only EFFECTIVE method to hurt JewWatch: - DO NOT provide live hyperlinks to JewWatch. - DO provide plenty of live hyperlinks to anti-hate web sites, especially those that are optimized for the keyword "Jew".

INFO FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES: You can still provide the valuable service of informing your visitors to the existence of hate sites, without providing a "live" hyperlink to them. For example, you can provide the URL as text, only. This is very easy to do. Please help educate other webmasters, as well, not to provide live hyperlinks to hate sites.


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