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Posted Sunday, May 2, 2004

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Al Basrah

Sunday, May 2, 2004

US soldiers, iraqi prisoners

The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos

It's the "liberation" of the Iraqi people

THESE are just some of the photos that led to an investigation into conditions at the Abu Ghraib prison, now run by the occupation authorities, as revealed in a shocking report broadcast by CBS on 60 Minutes II.

Some images Copyright CBS News: Reprinted for Fair Use

Brigadier-General Janis Karpinski, Donald Rumsfeld

Brigadier-General Janis Karpinski, who was responsible for military jails in Iraq


Brig. Gen. Janice Karpinski, in charge of the occupiers' detention facilities throughout Iraq, has been dismissed from her post, and 6 U.S. soldiers face charges.

"This is international standards," said Karpinski, in an earlier interview with CBS. "It's the best care available in a prison facility."


[FPP website note: some of the pictures, reproduced below, show basic humiliation and degradation scenes; others of an explicitly sexual nature are reproduced on a separate page, and we ask our readers to use their discretion whether to view that page or to allow others to view it]


hooded man

[An Iraqi prisoner was told he would be electrocuted if he fell off the box]

Lynndie England

US female soldier Lynndie England points imaginary gun at Iraqi prisoner's genitals


Her boyfriend US prison officer, here a reserve US Army officer, Specialist Charles Graner poses with heap of naked, hooded Iraqi prisoners


The New Yorker

As Seymour Hersh writes, "The photographs tell it all. In one, Private England, a cigarette dangling from her mouth, is giving a jaunty thumbs-up sign and pointing at the genitals of a young Iraqi, who is naked except for a sandbag over his head, as he masturbates. Three other hooded and naked Iraqi prisoners are shown, hands reflexively crossed over their genitals. A fifth prisoner has his hands at his sides. In another, England stands arm in arm with Specialist Graner; both are grinning and giving the thumbs-up behind a cluster of perhaps seven naked Iraqis, knees bent, piled clumsily on top of each other in a pyramid. There is another photograph of a cluster of naked prisoners, again piled in a pyramid. Near them stands Graner, smiling, his arms crossed; a woman soldier stands in front of him, bending over, and she, too, is smiling. "

[Further sexually eplicit photos allegedly of this series, of unproven authenticity ]

[ Note, 4.5.04:  The above link appears to have been disabled]

[Albasrah received an e-mail with the latter pictures. FPP website note: The pictures are of an explicitly sexual nature, and we ask our readers to use their discretion whether to view that page or to allow others to view it. Their authenticity is unproven, and they might equally have been clipped from a pornographic video.]

The above item is reproduced without editing other than typographical

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