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Posted Wednesday, May 12, 2004

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004



Two Israeli agents?Hold Put on Arrested Israeli's [sic]

From the desk of NewsCenter 5

12 May 2004

THE INS placed a hold late yesterday afternoon on two Israeli men arrested over the weekend in Unicoi County.

The immigration agency believes they are in violation of their visa's [sic].

The two face charges ranging from evading arrest and reckless driving to possession of a false ID.

They tried to run from authorities this weekend and reportedly disposed of a vial with liquid in it during the pursuit.

Sheriff Kent Harris says the substance in the vial does not appear to be bomb making material, but could be fatal if ingested.

Bond has been set at five thousand dollars for one of the Israeli nationals and 25 hundred for the other.

Should they make bond, they will be held for the INS.


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