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Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2004

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Bookthieves in Sussex

who is she? click to enlarge. On May 15, 2004 a violent mob of leftwing punks and ANAL members stopped David Irving speaking in Arundel.

We have a dossier of photographs. For a start we invite members of the public to name the woman shown on the right, who was identified as one of the ringleaders, and was also seen to help steal a box of new books, while her accomplices satisfied themselves with destroying the others.

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This female also claimed to be one of the "anti-nazi league" (ANAL) ringleaders.

She was witnessed instructing the gang of violent trespassers who were hanging out of first floor windows of the "Norfolk Arms" hotel to keep up their illegal occupation of the meeting room which had been booked (and paid for) for a legitimate book-signing function. She gratuitously boasted about her role to passers-by, while blocking the pavement outside the "Norfolk Arms".

damageLater on she arrived at "The Hart" Inn and helped steal a box of Mr Irving's new books while her accomplices engaged on destroying the room and book table. (See left). This woman justified their criminal actions by describing Mr Irving as a "criminally convicted nazi".

The authorities will want to interview her about a number of acts including intimidation, trespass, forced entry, conspiracy; stalking with intent; theft; criminal damage.

Thugs and things David Irving: A Radical's Diary in Arundel, Sussex

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