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Posted Saturday, June 12, 2004

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Jihad Unspun

Baghdad, June 12, 2004


Ancient Jewish library Stolen From Baghdad

Baghdad - Iraqi sources have revealed that the Zionist foreign intelligence apparatus known as the Mossad had laid its hands on an ancient Jewish library that was held by the former Iraqi intelligence.

The sources said that a few days after the fall of the former Iraqi regime in April last year [2003] a special Mossad team visited Baghdad and seized the library in cooperation with the American CIA officers.

The ancient Jewish library contained precious and priceless copies of the Torah and the Talmud in addition to other writings in Hebrew that dated back 2,500 years.

The Jews taken captive into Baghdad at that time during the Babylon era wrote down their scriptures while in captivity.

The sources said that the American forces arrested the person responsible for the library after their occupation of that Arab country and forced him to open the doors of the cellar where the library was kept underneath the Iraqi intelligence apparatus' building.

The library was submerged in water after the bursting of the water pipes in the cellar but the books were intact, the sources said, adding that the library was carried in a direct flight from Baghdad to Tel Aviv.

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