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Posted Sunday, July 25, 2004

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The concern was that the unmasking of helpers in botched intelligence operations could generate accusations of divided loyalty against Jews in their home countries.


Israel, Sunday, July 25, 2004

2 more passport suspects may have fled to Israel

By Yossi Melman

BarkanNEW Zealand police and security officials suspect that two other suspects in the Mossad passport affair have fled to Israel. The first is Ze'ev Barkan, right, who is thought to have masterminded the botched Mossad operation to acquire New Zealand passports.

It was disclosed last week that Barkan had served in diplomatic posts at Israeli embassies in Austria and Belgium. The second figure whose name was disclosed this weekend was Anthony David Reznick. New Zealand television on Friday said Reznick is a 36 year old religious Jew who worked as a paramedic for an ambulance company that provided services to handicapped youth.

Mossad agents allegedly first tried to produce a forged passport in Reznick's name. New Zealand authorities suspect Reznick brought the agents to a handicapped person and suggested his name would be preferable for the forged passport scheme.

Reznick reportedly lived in Israel for 13 years, and served in the IDF. After returning to New Zealand, he served as a member of Auckland's Jewish council. Reports say he recently expressed a desire to return to Israel, where he met his wife -- but whether she is an Israeli citizen is unclear.

Uri KelmanReznick, who also lectured on emergency medical services at the Auckland Institute of Technology, left New Zealand for Hong Kong the day after the two Israeli Mossad agents, Uri Kelman (left, camera-shy) and Elisha Cara, were arrested. They were later sentenced to six months in jail and fined.

Reznick told his students he was traveling to take care of a friend who had been injured in a road accident but he never returned to work. A short time later he sent an e-mail message to his employers telling them he was leaving and would be unable to return to New Zealand for health reasons.

If it is established that Reznick facilitated a Mossad operation, his engagement for such work would be in line with Mossad methods of operation. Many reports suggest the Mossad often relies on helpers around the world as it carries out its missions -- many of these are Jewish. Among other things, helpers would provide help with accommodation for those on operations, as well as relaying information.Pollard]

However, since the arrest of Jonathan Pollard (right) in the United States in the mid 1980s, the Mossad had reportedly minimized its use of foreign Jewish helpers.

The concern was that the unmasking of helpers in botched intelligence operations could generate accusations of divided loyalty against Jews in their home countries.


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