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Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2004

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Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem, Friday, September 17, 2004

Los Angeles police uncover Israeli drug ring

A DRUGS-SMUGGLING ring, headed by an Israeli national, was arrested by Los Angeles Police last week, a US news website published Friday [September 17, 2004].

According to LawFuel, a US media organization specializing in criminal and legal news, the ring, which is mainly comprised of Israelis, imported 300, 000 Ecstasy pills from Europe to the United States - the street value of which nears $7 million.

Eliyahu Marciano, 29, the ring leader, was arrested last week along with five other suspects. They possessed 160, 000 tablets of Ecstasy smuggled from the Czech Republic.

A total of 13 defendants have been arrest in recent weeks for their involvement in the international drugs-smuggling ring.

The remaining Israeli arrestees were identified as Nimrod Haim, 27, of Prague, who helped broker Ecstasy deals, Hillel Shamam, 38, of Woodland Hills, California, who allegedly helped Marciano launder drug profits through real estate business, and Sammy Assoulin, 30, of Sherman Oaks, California, an alleged Ecstasy dealer.

The LAPD launched the investigation into the case in 2002 when agents from the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force learned that a ring, mainly comprised of Israeli nationals, was trafficking Ecstasy in Los Angeles.

The operation was carried out with the cooperation of police departments in Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, and Israel.


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