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Posted Friday, May 13, 2005

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Lea Rosh interviewed
Friday, May 13, 2005

Told you so: Ain't she just the cutest little theng

Jews angry over memorial plan for death camp tooth

By Kate Connolly
in Berlin

BERLIN'S new Holocaust memorial was embroiled in an emotional dispute just two days after its opening over a plan to fix the tooth of a murdered Jew into a concrete pillar at the site.

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David Irving comments:

SO Lea (aka Edith) Rosh wants to create a personal Memorial to an Unknown Tooth -- she wants to sow that tooth among the phony tomb stones now unveiled in Berlin. 
  Hygiene considerations apart, this is dangerous stuff, once you start.
   Remember the fairy story about the man who sowed the dragon's teeth?
   How does Ms Rosh know it was a victim's tooth she found, and not the fang of an SS guard who had neglected to use his Listerine regularly enough (TV Slogan: "Kill the Germs! Dead!")

   Why stop there? Why not embed a bar of RIF soap, just in case the legends about that should turn out to be true? (Such toiletries are available, regularly offered with various fragrances by Israeli auction houses). And the rolled up blueprint of a gas chamber "complete with holes for inserting the Zyklon", which the mendacious Prof Deborah Lipstadt told Atlanta students she possessed?


CAN THIS be the same Ms Rosh whom a German magazine dubbed one of the "100 most embarrassing Berliners" for her memorial scheme?
   Doesn't this story reveal her whole Berlin project in all its awsome silliness?
   It is proof of the gullibility of the Jews, on which the Nazis preyed; and of the current submissiveness of the German people, that they have tolerated this unappetizing female so long, and allowed her to propagate her crackpot schemes.
   We understand that Caterpillar Inc make some killer bulldozers! This site would seem to present a tempting target for the company's latest products at some date in the future.
   Small wonder that a leading Hamburg newspaper referred to Rosh two days ago as a "Professional Jewess" -- and them's tough words to use in a Germany where they toss you into jail at the drop of a hat for what unauthorized thoughts you might, perhaps, just possibly, maybe, be thinking about WW2.

Nie Holocaust

REMEMBER the provocative posters Ms Rosh caused to be put up all over Germany, proclaiming that the Holocaust had never happened?
   She meant it ironically, but most of the wiser Germans just nodded as they drove by and said, "Told you so."

Germany's Jewish community has said it may be forced to boycott the vast monument if Lea Rosh, who led the 17-year campaign to build the memorial, goes ahead with her proposal. Its leaders have accused her of "blasphemy" and "irreverence".

In front of a thousand guests at Tuesday's inauguration ceremony, including Holocaust survivors and rabbis, Mrs Rosh held up a molar which she found during a visit to the Belzec concentration camp in Poland 17 years ago.

It was sticking out of the sand among other teeth from Holocaust victims, she said, adding that it had given her the impetus to start campaigning for the memorial and that she had carried it around with her ever since.

Mrs Rosh, 68, is a television presenter who changed her name to its current form at the age of 18 and is the granddaughter of a Jew. She explained that the tooth would be embedded in one of the concrete pillars, along with a yellow Star of David that Jews were required to wear under the Third Reich. It had been given to her by a Dutch Jewish woman whose mother was killed in a camp.

Mrs Rosh added that the memorial's architect, Peter Eisenman, below, had agreed to oversee the task.

Peter Eisenmann

"The dead have no grave, but this memorial should stand for one," she said.

Yesterday leaders of the Jewish community expressed outrage at the gesture. "I am not surprised, but furious," said Paul Spiegel, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. "I find Lea Rosh's behaviour impious."

He said burying body parts anywhere other than a Jewish cemetery was "blasphemous" and contravened Jewish law.

Albert Meyer, the chairman of Berlin's Jewish community, said he was furious. "If this happens, we Jews have to consider whether or not we can set foot on this site. Mrs Rosh responded by saying she had checked with Jewish scholars before making the announcement.

"My wish is in compliance with Jewish law. I did my research," she said.

One rabbi, Yitzhak Ehrenberg, did defend her yesterday. He wrote in a statement that while bodies or large body parts had to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, there would be no problem "about burying a tooth in a stone" as long as it was not used for any specific purpose.

But Rabbi Chaim Rozwaski, also from Berlin, disagreed. "If the tooth is buried in a pillar, it is an exhibition piece and therefore it has a use.''

The memorial has been subject to controversy since its conception, with several disputes almost leading to the demise of the project.

The most serious followed the discovery that Degussa, the company providing an anti-graffiti spray, was linked to the makers of Zyklon B, the poison gas used in the concentration camps.

Mr Eisenman also provoked outrage when he made a joke about his New York dentist and fillings which some thought anti-Semitic.

He later apologised, calling the row a "cultural misunderstanding".


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