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Posted Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Libertarian Socialist News

Silver Spring, MD 20908, Thursday, May 26, 2005

FBI: "Zündel Had No Links To Terrorism:

Feds Suppressed Evidence, had Informer in Revisionist Movement follow Holocaust Revisionist

SEVIERSVILLE, Tennessee -- THE FBI had an informer in the Revisionist movement follow Ernst Zündel from January through April 2001, but dropped their investigation after finding Zündel had no ties to domestic terrorism and did not pose a security threat.

According to 90 pages of formerly "SECRET" documents released to LSN today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI agents made the determination that Zündel did not have ties to international or domestic terrorism, in stark contradiction to the insistence by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service that he did, but withheld paperwork to that effect from Zündel's defense team because, according to one memorandum included in the FOIA release, "[the FBI would] just as soon Canada's problem not become ours."

According to the paperwork, Zündel was the subject of a Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation launched out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Charlotte, NC by the FBI's Counterterrorism branches at those locations and in Washington, DC. However, an FBI source in the Revisionist movement, who filed reports on Zündel on four occasions between January and April of that year, described Zündel as a "tired old man intent on promoting himself and his life for his own personal gain" and found no links between Ernst and his wife and any illegal activities.

In all, Zündel was the subject of seven FBI counter terrorist investigations, including a 2003 investigation into Zündels' internet website, all of which were closed after investigators found no evidence of criminal activity or link to terrorist groups. The 2003 website investigation was launched after the Zündelsite published an article in which the author questioned whether Hamas and Hizbollah's resistance to the Zionist Entity consisted legitimate national liberation struggle. The FBI investigated Zündel for ties to the groups but found no evidence of links.

The FBI classified the following memo, and most of the documentation they had on Zündel, as "Secret", to avoid it being released in FOIA before Zündels' trial in Canada and his deportation to Germany was completed. One memo from a senior FBI official, asking if the information should be released to Zündel's defense team in their FOIA request, reads:

"Since this has been designated secret, is there any easy way to make it part of [Zündels' FOIA request], which [i.e. Zündel's case] has been closed. I'm really not sure why HQs made this secret in the first place."

A May 31, 2001, account of an FBI interview with Zündel reads as follows:

"On 5/1/2001, Ernst Zündel, a white male ... voluntarily appeared at the Knoxville Office of the FBI. Accompanying Zündel was his attorney ...

"This case was closed 4/19/2001 after investigation revealed no indication that Zündel was involved in any acts of violence, acts of domestic terrorism, or any other criminal activity within the United States. The writer had attempted to interview Zündel on 3/21/2001, but Zündel declined to be interviewed at that time without his lawyer being present, citing unpleasant experiences he previously has with Canadian law enforcement authorities. ... contacted the writer several days later, but due to scheduling conflicts on the part of ... and the writer, no mutually agreeable date could be found for an interview. Later, after the case had already been closed, ... recontacted the writer and asked to set up an appointment for 5/1/2001, which the writer agreed to.

During the course of the interview on 5/1/2001, Zündel advised as follows:


He ... bought their house ... and subsequently moved to Tennessee. He and ... decided to move to Tennessee, because the Sevier County area reminded them of the Black Forest in Germany, and the house they purchased looked just like Zündel's mother's house in Calmbach. He closed his publishing house, his satellite TV show, and his radio program prior to moving to Tennessee. He is tired of being in the spotlight and just wants to spend his time painting.

He originally left Germany in 1958, becase he did not want to get drafted into the German Army. He immigrated to Canada and became a landed immigrant.

He first became involved in the Revisionist Moveent when he wrote a letter to the editor of his local Canadian newspaper. He believed that the world media had not been treating Germany faily when it came to World War II and the Holocaust.

He is not a White Supremacist. Over the years, he has dealt with many historical issues and has given over 1000 interviews on the subject of Nazi Germany's treatment of the Jews. He has broadcasted over 550 interviews on radio and TV.

He has had to promote himself to make enough money to fight off all the attacks that have come his way because of his views. He has never promoted or encouraged violence, but to the contrary, has always believed in non- violence. He believes in evolutionary change, not revolutionary change. He has always been an advocate of undestanding, and he has always spoken for himself only, not for any group or organization.

He met ... in 1972, and in 1983 ... came to Toronto to interview him about the Holocaust. He thought ... had a very strange outlook on religion.

He has never encouraged contact with ... or any other leaders of the White Supremacist movement. In fact, he has always tried to discourage such visits and contact.

He has not had any recent contacts with ... and has not had any contact with White Supremacist groups since moving to Tennessee. He has applied for an Adjustment of Status with INS and hopes to get a green card. The INS card he now has allows him to work. He is painting landscapes as this is something he has always wanted to do.

Zündel advised there have never been any groups or individuals who have tried to get him involved in any violent activity or who have used him as a sounding board for their plans for violent activities. He stated he would contact the FBI is he ever received any information concerning such groups or individuals.

It is recommended that this case remain in a closed status.

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