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Posted Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Friday, July 30, 2005

An Israeli security firm has been chosen to provide security for London's Underground train network

VERINT Systems, a subsidiary of Israel's Comverse Technology announced that Metronet Rail has selected Verint's networked video solution to enhance security of the London Underground, according to an Israel21c report.

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David Irving comments:

LOOK who has the security contract for the London Underground -- the same folks who "lost" the CCTV footage of a plain clothes Metropolitan Police officer executing what turned out to be an innocent young man.
   And if Rodney King got a big handout from the Los Angeles taxpayers for what their cops did to him, we can only guess what this little episode is going to cost us Londoners. There's going to be dancing in the streets of that little village in Brazil, once the mourning period is over.
   Unfortunately, the people who are still the root cause of the world's terrorism get off Scot free. Every time I, and thousands like me, stand in security lines at airports around the world I remark to all those around me, "We have Israel to thank for this"-- meaning the Israel that has inflicted mindless bestiality on the citizens of the territories they have seized and heartlessly plundered since the middle of the last century. So I blame, not those who plant the bombs, but those who first started this terrible cycle of violence.

AND now this. It must makes us all feel really safe to know that a Mossad-front organisation of the same "sh*tty little country" -- to quote the former French ambassador to London -- which is at the root of all the world's terrorism problems, and which until recently handled all the major government wiretapping contracts in the United States, will also now have the right to acquire and archive high-definition video images of every ordinary citizen lawfully traveling around London.
   Soon Israel and The Mossad can lawfully record where he is going, which doors he is entering, what credit card numbers he punches into ATM machines, and whom he is with.
   The sooner some non-terrorist means is found of hurling out into Downing Street the present Loony-Tunes occupants of Number Ten, the better: because if they don't recognize the devils they have clambered into bed with by now, we certainly do.

After extensive testing of Verint's networked video system, including pilot installation on selected rail lines, Metronet Rail selected it to be installed on the entire Underground. The system will enable security personnel to monitor passenger platforms and certain remote portions of the track.

Verint president and CEO Dan Bodner told Israel21c: "We have significant experience working with transportation authorities and are committed to delivering innovative networked video security solutions for the transportation industry."

Metronet Rail, under a 30 year contract with the UK government, is responsible for maintaining parts of the London Underground's infrastructure. This includes ensuring security in trains, stations, tunnels and bridges.

The London Underground handles more than 3 million passengers each day, making it one of the busiest transportation systems worldwide.



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