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Posted Monday, August 1, 2005

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Monday, August 1, 2005


Police may pay $1.3m for terrorist mix-up

BRITAIN's Metropolitan Police could pay up to $1.3 million in damages to the family of the innocent Brazilian who was shot dead in a bungled anti-terror chase in London, a newspaper reports.

The Daily Mail reports that John Yates, deputy assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, is expected to make an initial payment to the family of electrician 27-year-old Jean Charles de Menezes.

However, legal experts quoted by the newspaper believe the force could end up paying up to $1.3 million to the impoverished family.

Police officials were quoted as saying the final figure will be "very substantial".

In Sao Paulo, the Globonews web site says a British Government delegation arrived in Brazil on Sunday and would travel to Mr de Menezes' home town of Gonzaga, in south-east Brazil, to meet his parents to discuss compensation.

Mr De Menezes was killed on July 22 after British police followed him from a London address they had been watching in connection with four failed bomb attacks the day before.

Mistaking him for a suicide bomber, officers cornered the Brazilian inside a subway train and shot him eight times at close range, seven times in the head [Website: and one in the back].

He was buried in Gonzaga on Friday in a ceremony that attracted an estimated 10,000 people and was marked by anti-British protests.

The arrival of the British delegation could not be confirmed with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



David Irving, a Radical's Diary predicts compensation will have to be paid

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