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Friday, April 20, 2007

Above: Paul Fromm addresses the Real History conference organised in Cincinnati by David Irving in 2003. These conferences will be resumed next year.

Latest news from the free world. Fromm is safe, and two JDL thugs arrested

JDL Thugs Attack Paul Fromm

TORONTO - Canadian Free Speech activist Paul Fromm was attacked at the College of Teachers hearings in Toronto, Ontario, yesterday [April 19], where the College is conducting hearings on the attempt to revoke his teacher's certificate on a series of politically motivated allegations.

He showed up in the morning for the hearing, to find ten Jewish Defence League (JDL) thugs waiting with Israeli flags and the usual placards.

Once the JDL thugs recognized Fromm, they attacked. Fromm stood firm, pushed past them and got onto the elevator. Two of the thugs forced their way on, as did two police officers.

As soon as the doors closed, one of the JDL hoodlums attempted to choke and assault Paul Fromm. The police immediately intervened and pulled the JDL thugs off Paul Fromm. One officer was slightly injured.

Two of the JDL assailants were arrested by the Metro Toronto Police Service.

In the ensuing hearing Fromm represented himself, it is reported, with honour, dignity and courage. He explained to the tribunal what happened and they adjourned for thirty minutes.

During the adjournment, Paul Fromm gave an emotional and insightful interview to Canada's Globe & Mail. Len Rudner from the Canadian Jewish Congress attended the hearing, seated in the hearing room.

The hearing continues.

Globe & Mail: "Activists confront [rough up] controversial educator" - A former teacher linked to white supremacists was targeted yesterday by a small group of activists in a confrontation that ended with scuffling in an elevator and assault charges against two demonstrators.