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Posted Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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"Smearing me in person" -- David Irving

The Oliver Kamm Blog
London, Sunday, September 30, 2007

The rubber dick ruminates

rubber dickOctober 1, 2007

Irving's band

Here they come. The emails from my reader David Irving's band of the elect have started to trickle in. I assume the Holocaust denier and racist has posted a plea on his website.

This one comes from someone calling himself Jonathan Burgess, which I would hazard a guess is just possibly a nom de keyboard:

I'm glad you support David Irving's right to freedom of speech - you deserve credit for that. But it's strange that most people on your side of the debate just want to destroy him - even if it means throwing him in prison for his views! (For me that was the first sign that he could REALLY be on to something. No government would ever jail somebody just for being a nut...)

Please don't bother sending me this sort of pitiable bleating. I support David Irving's right to free speech and deplored his gaoling in Austria. Irving sought to deny the right of free speech of Professor Deborah Lipstadt by launching a libel suit in the High Court to suppress information about him that was accurate. He is a racist faker. His incarceration was due not to his being on to something but to his peddling racist falsehoods.

UPDATE: My inference proved right. I won't give a link to his site, but Mr Irving has indeed demanded of his supporters "Did Kamm write fairly?", and has urged these serried ranks to write to me. As I can answer his question perfectly well without his supporters' assistance, I can assure them they won't receive a respectful hearing. Mr Irving also wittily alludes to the title of my post about him by calling me an "unthinkable rubber dick", a drollery that my overseas readers will have to understand is the type of thing that we British expend a lot of effort in dreaming up.

Meanwhile, Deborah Lipstadt kindly links to my post about the racist faker she routed in the High Court. I send her my best wishes and unvarying admiration..

Suggestion: Does Kamm need further encouragement?

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