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Posted Saturday, October 6, 2007

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London, Thursday, October 4, 2007

The lovely Nigella Lawson

Outrage: 'Dreadful allegations' were made against domestic goddess Nigella Lawson on David Irving's website >>

The Richard Kay column

Irving's recipe for disaster

AFTER sparking outrage by declaring plans for a "comeback tour", Holocaust-denier David Irving has caused more offence - to TV cook Nigella Lawson.

Two weeks ago, far-Right historian Irving -- freed from an Austrian jail ten months ago -- posted a ravishing photo of Nigella on his website and wrote about her teenage daughter, Mimi, who recently joined the same school as his daughter, Jessica.
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David Irving comments:

GOOD story, Richard, and you got almost all of it right except, uh, some bits which are, to quote you, totally untrue:

1. Our Nigella Lawson story was posted on this website on Sept. 12, before, not after, I caused outrage ... etcetera.

2. Thanks for calling me a Holocaust denier. That may repair relations with thousands of revisionists around the world who have recently been told the opposite.

3. We voluntarily pulled the story off our website after six days on Sept 18 , 2007, for personal reasons, principally deciding it was unfair on both children and their school, which we did not identify. We have no bones to pick with the lovely Nigella, and neither we nor our service provider heard from her lawyers.

4. Benté did not tell Richard Kay that "You cannot trust a word he writes." Her precise advice was: "You have to take him with a pinch of salt." Spot the subtle difference.

<< We prefer the ravishing picture of Nigella which we posted (left)

Unfortunately, what he wrote was -- according to both Nigella's lawyer, Graham Atkins, and Jessica's mother, Danish-born Bente Høgh -- totally untrue. "It is a nasty slur, a dreadful allegation and defamatory," says Atkins.

This week, the offending item was taken off Irving's website after Atkins told his internet provider in America it could incur legal action.

Irving, 69, who has four grown-up daughters by his ex-wife Pilar, got involved with dentist's daughter Bente, 43, in 1992 after she rented his flat in Grosvenor Square.

Of his latest diatribe on his website, she tells me: "You cannot trust a word he writes."


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The lovely NIgella Lawson, in the pink

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