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Posted Friday, October 19, 2007

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I shall without further notice issue a Claim in Defamation against yourselves and the author or authors of the libel.

David Irving

Windsor, Monday, October 8, 2007

To: The Legal Department
The Jewish Chronicle.
• and attn.: Mr Bernard Joseph
News Editor •
25 Furnival Street
London EC4A 1JT


Dear Sirs,

The purpose of this letter: This letter puts your publication on notice that if you should print or otherwise publish anywhere including on your Internet website any statement carrying the defamatory and now demonstrably untrue meaning, whether implicit or explicit, that I am "an active Holocaust denier", or any variations on that phrase carrying the same purport, then I shall without further notice issue a Claim in Defamation against yourselves and the author or authors of the libel, and I shall produce this letter at the hearing of the action as evidence that you published the said libel in the face of such a written warning in support of a possible claim for aggravated damages.

Argument: I refer you to the many statements I have made in public which are a matter of record and will destroy any pleaded defence of justification. These include but are not limited to my biographies of Dr Joseph Goebbels (1996) and of Hitler (1977, 1991, and 2002), where I describe in detail the mass shootings of Jews and others behind the eastern front.

My statements in both the Lipstadt trial (2000) and the Vienna trial (2005) left no doubt that I believe (accepting that the Höfle document and Korherr report are authentic and not forgeries) the Nazis and their accomplices murdered 2.4 million Jews in the "Reinhardt" camps along the Bug River (Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor); minor question arise over Auschwitz, but Holocaust historians have also asked them.

I have demonstrably stated so in public since 1991 (my discovery of the Adolf Eichmann files), 1992 (my discovery of the Hans Aumeier manuscripts and subsequently the full exploitation of the CSDIC files): you will find these statements throughout my website (go to and repeated in my interview with The Guardian newspaper published on September 29, which you can read most easily at, and repeated in The Forward, the foremost US Jewish newspaper (ibid., /online/07/09/Forward.html).

The published diaries of my recent visits to these death camps will destroy any doubts you might still entertain: et seq.

Notice: Should you recklessly and maliciously repeat the lie as defined in the first paragraph to this letter -- as you may feel tempted to do now -- I shall issue and serve a Claim in Defamation without further notice.

Yours faithfully

David Irving


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