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Posted Sunday, January 27, 2008

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[Image added by this website: Jessica arrives home in her mother's arms]

The Guardian

London, December 15, 1993

Jessica arrives home in her mother's armsChips are down for baby Irving


Maev Kennedy

CONTROVERSIAL is too milksop a word for revisionist historian David Irving. He has just had two joyful deliveries, of a new computer, Macintosh, and a new daughter, Jessica. He is enthralled by both.

"I wanted to call her Jessica Macintosh," he said yesterday, seated at the computer, writing "a savage letter" to a German reviewer who described him as a fascist. "He obviously didn't realise I have agents everywhere who send me cuttings. He then wrote an even nastier letter about me to a reader. I'm just reminding him of what a friend, a Jewish friend [it was David Kahn] actually, once said to me: never write anything in a letter you wouldn't be happy to hear read out in open court"

Tho savaged journalist may, in a few years' time, expect to be invited to a party. The arrival of Jessica, 30 years after his eldest child, is to be celebrated by a little party at Mr Irving's Mayfair home. Among those invited is the freelance journalist, Robert Silver, Mr Silver was distinctly startled. His last encounter with Mr Irving was a ferocious profile and review he wrote, six years ago, for the Evening Standard.

Mr Irving responded with a letter to the paper, saying Mr Silver seemed to be very conscious of his own Jewishness, Mr Irving said yesterday he respects his journalistic standards. "I never bear grudges," he added. "I have been known to do this sort of thing in the past." Mr Silver was rather less forgiving: "I don't accept drinks from fascists."


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