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Posted Sunday, February 3, 2008

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New York, February 2, 2008

Holocaust in Dresden, 1945: Bodies are piles up for mass cremation after the British and American air raid of February 1945 killed over one hundred thousand in one night

Kurt Vonnegut's Last Roar

February 2, 2008 -- KURT Vonnegut is gone - but he left behind a final book that's sure to cause a stir. In "Armageddon in Retrospect," out this April, the former Army man gives a jolting account of the relentless bombing of Dresden during World War II and how US forces passed out pamphlets to survivors justifying it as the "unintentional, unavoidable fortunes of war."

He writes: "The leaflet should have read: We hit every blessed church, hospital, school, museum, theater, your university, the zoo and every apartment building in town, but we honestly weren't trying hard to do it . . . So sorry. Saturation bombing is all the rage these days."

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