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Posted Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SOUTH AFRICAN politician Clive Derby-Lewis, a former Member of Parliament and member of the President's Council, masterminded a plot to assassinate the top twelve Communist and ANC leaders after the Black takeover of South Africa. In April 1993 his gunman Janusz Jacub Walus shot and killed the Communist Party chief Chris Hani, leading to days or Black rioting and violence and the death of eighty people. Sentenced to be hanged, Derby-Lewis spent fifteen years in jail, six of them on death row. The Communist elements in the Government are now manoeuvering to prevent his due release on parole.

When David Irving spoke in 1986 at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban, South Africa, Clive Derby-Lewis (seated, right) chaired the large meeting


Update on Clive Derby-Lewis
His wife Gaye writes --

THIS is to let you know where we are at the moment. We knew Clive's parole release would be difficult, but we had no idea how deviously the system would connive to keep him in jail. Indeed, if the powers that be were as adept at running the country as they are at manipulating the judicial system, South Africa would be a much better place.

Clive Derby-Lewis sat before the Parole Board in July 2007 and that Board -- with seven members -- recommended that he be released on October 15, 2008. Clive signed the necessary documents which were placed in his Department of Correctional Services (DCS) file. Conditions for his release were that he served fifteen years and that he should be over the age of 65. On two occasions, DCS personnel visited the house to see his home conditions, a requirement before release on parole.

In June/July 2008, Clive made enquiries as to the details of his release, and was met by silence and evasiveness. He asked to see his file, but this was refused. We then realized that there was something amiss, so we launched an urgent court application to demand that DCS release Clive on due date.

DCS came back with their "defence" -- that the six years Clive spent on death row didn't count towards his life sentence, and that anyway, he was not recommended for parole.

The Minister via the State Attorney committed perjury via these remarks -- DCS had taken the file away when we demanded the parole recommendation documents, and this is why they said he was not recommended.

We managed to eventually get hold of the parole recommendation, to refute the State's case that he wasn't recommended, and the first reason -- that the six years on death row didn't count -- was shown to be ridiculous as there were others who spent time on death row with Clive, but they were released on parole.

We then launched another urgent application, to be heard on December 9th in front of Judge Bill Prinsloo. This time the other side had no defence, and the case looked good for us.

Now the politicians stepped in. We were informed that the case needed to be heard before a FULL BENCH of the court, which meant that Judge Bill Prinsloo could not hear the case on his own, and that the case must now be postponed to March 2009 to be heard before a full bench.

When we went to the court on December 9, 2008, the other side brought along 12 senior and junior counsel, and we learnt that Mrs. Hani had been added as a co-defendant, courtesy of George Bizos (who is on the Judicial Services Commission which "checks out" judges for promotion).

Thus we are confronted with a political stalemate -- Bizos has entered the fray and, for the first time in the history of South Africa, (a) a full bench will hear a parole application and (b) the victim's family has been entered as defendants in a parole case.

We don't know how things will go but I can assure readers that the Government knew that Clive had a cast iron case and this is why the politicians stepped in by demanding, through Bizos, that the case be heard before a full bench, meaning that the judges will be hand-picked.

This is where we are now. Clive spends another Christmas in prison -- illegally -- courtesy of the politicians, and his case will be heard in March.

We need some help and some prayers here!

Gaye Derby-Lewis

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