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Posted Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Saturday, December 13, 2008 8:28 AM

Wolfgang Fröhlich of the FPÖ [Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs = Austrian Freedom Party] sentenced to six years and four months for Understating the "Holocaust"

Translated by J M Damon [original German text]

THIS is another very dark day for justice and the law. In the case of the Engineer Wolfgang Fröhlich: yesterday the Appellate Court in Vienna pronounced verdict in his appeal trial on account of excessive severity of sentence.

(The lower court had imposed a sentence of 6 years and 4 months, with 5 years still a possibility).

The appeal was rejected.

The sentence imposed by the lower court was upheld in full.

Needless to say, certain circles are jubilant.

Once again an intrepid scientist and historian, tireless champion of human rights and critic of official falsehoods has been taken out of circulation for many years!

This is a real catastrophe.

It is yet another national scandal providing more evidence of the complete bankruptcy of the justice system in Austria, which still pretends to be a constitutional state.

In Austria, scientific research as well as all criticism of officially decreed historiography, along with the laws limiting freedom of speech imposed by the Allies over 60 years ago, are enforced by political show trials that impose many years of imprisonment.

A Gedächtnisprotokoll ("recollected record") of the trial summarized the whole procedure, which belongs on a third-rate burlesque stage.

(Austrian courts do not keep a running account of what goes on during trial).

The amazing servility of the Defense can be explained only by the fact that if the defending attorney had represented the accused as professional ethics require, he too would have faced criminal indictment for the crime of "Resurrecting National Socialism."

The Defense made the incredible statement that "democracy" must find measures to correct persons who feel obligated to support the truth and must therefore go to prison.

Whose side is such a defense attorney on?

It is of course much simpler and easier to do as Parliamentary President Graf of the FPÖ did: during his inauguration he completely threw his convictions overboard, flying his banner in the direction of the politically correct wind.

The Defense tells us that if we criticize the draconian laws against National Socialism we will be imprisoned for many years, always under the same pretext.

The Court does not accept counter evidence.

It is astounding that such conditions exist, while the government pretends to continue its support of the Enlightenment ideal of freedom of opinion and research, as well as support of the Convention on Human Rights.

Fröhlich argued that he had always written to the same limited circle of addresses.

His attorney argued that a democracy should find other means for reforming errant persons and pleaded for pleaded for mitigation of punishment!

The Prosecution argued that as an incorrigible repeat offender he deserved the punishment he received.

Fröhlich argued that he never committed the offense of which he was convicted, namely complete denial of "Holocaust."

Presiding judge responded that if this were true he would not have been being convicted, and that he could address nothing except his sentence.

Fröhlich pointed out that under such laws as these, freedom of research cannot exist, to which the presiding judge responded that it is up to Parliament to change the laws.

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