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Posted Thursday, May 28, 2009

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David Irving arrives with his assistant Jae at the TV2 studios in Oslo

Above: David Irving arrives with his assistant Jae at the TV2 studios in Oslo May 25, 2009 for his controversial broadcast

Wednesday, May 26, 2009


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SOS Rasisme will not participate in Tabloid this evening

SOS Rasisme has been invited to participate in this evening's Tabloid on TV2. With the background that TV2 financed the Norwegian visit of Nazi historian David Irving yesterday, SOS Rasisime does not wish to participate on the channel's programme.

We think it is totally unacceptable that one of Norway's biggest media outlets sponsors Europe's most influential "Hitler friend" and Jew- hater, we will make it clear that TV2 cannot take such a position and still expect a positive reaction from antiracists, says the first deputy of SOS Rasisme, Ola Melbye Pettersen. He was called up by Tabloid Wednesday morning and asked to debate the Irving affair.

Contributes to increased hatred of Jews

SOS Racism mean channel committed a breach of ethics, and put the ratings and advertising revenue above consideration for Nazi victims. After discussion in the organization's leadership, it was therefore decided to decline to participate.

TV2 would naturally want to redeem itself from the criticism SOS Racism and several others put forward yesterday, but we will not contribute to this. A five minute talk on the evening Tabloid will not be able to correct the massive publicity Irving has received as a result of TV2's behaviour. "The result is that the increasing hatred of Jews in Europe has entered Norway, while it is a blow in the face to the Norwegian minorities, war veterans and anti- racists," said Pettersen.

At Scandinavia's largest forum for the Nazis and extreme right,, TV2s interview will be celebrated as a victory. Here we can read, among other things:

  • "Hahaha, wonderful. He had some million viewers and the press coverage as it did. Proff man."
  • "I agree. Irving - Jews: 1- 0 This time Irving was given much more - and better - PR than if the invitation had stood and he had been allowed his voice in the literature festival. The politically correct are frustrated right now..."

Zero tolerance for Nazism

SOS Rasisme was heavily involved in the popular pressure against Irving that became so strong that he had to leave Norway last night. Thus, there was nothing of the meetings he tried to hold in Lillehammer / Hamar and Oslo, where the Nordic Nazis and sympathizers mobilised to participate.

This shows that the resistance against Nazism and racism is still strong. Freedom of speech has never included the freedom to insult and threaten individuals or groups of people. The open anti-Semitism in the 1930s showed clearly what the consequences of such a "free speech" are: ethnic cleansing and genocide. SOS Racism will never accept that history repeats itself, and our slogan in this case is "No more 1940," says Pettersen.


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