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Posted Saturday, May 30, 2009

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David Irving leaves TV studio May 25 2009
FOLLOWED IN NORWAY: David Irving was followed by SOS Rasisme during the journey to and from Norway and met by demonstrations when he was to attend the TV2 program Tabloid.
Wednesday, May 26, 2009

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We trailed Holocaust-sceptic on the plane: SOS Rasisme spied on David Irving

(VG NETT) -- The anti-racist organisation sent a "detective" to London to trail the controversial historian.

- Congratulations to our own Miss Detective, Margit Drew, which must be the new code name. That we have a special agent on the plane with David Irving shows the organisation's strength - organisational and financial. This was decisive for whether we should rely on the tip of his flight, said the leader of SOS Racism, Trond Torbjørnsen, (left) in an internal e-mail to which VG Nett has gained access.

SOS Rasisme followed the controversial historian and holocaust-sceptic on his visit to Oslo. Anti-racists demonstrated when he arrived in the country and the way in and out of the debate program Tabloid.


SOS Rasisme confirms

Above VG Nett confirms what Torbjørnsen said in the email.

- It is true that we had a person on the plane with David Irving. We received tips that he would be on this plane, but were uncertain whether this was the case. The day before, we had we been fooled into believing that Irving was already in Norway, but we wanted to be completely sure before we went out and made a racket at Oslo's Gardermoen airport.

- Do you think your mobilisation is in proper proportion to David Irving's visit?

- It was incredibly important for us to make it clear that Nazism is not welcome in Norway. That, I think, we made very clear.

Not surprised

For David Irving, it did not come as a shock when VG Nett told him that he had been followed to and from London.

- I'm not surprised. My assistant noticed a young woman who boarded the plane from London to Oslo and she was on the same plane on the way back fourteen hours later, says the controversial historian on the phone to VG Nett.

Irving says that this person even followed his assistant into the toilet when they were waiting for baggage at Gardermoen.

-The police told me that the left wing in Norway is extremely well-organised. One might speculate on where these organisations get their money from.

Detective work

SOS Rasisme implemented a comprehensive text-message campaign in which 4,500 members of SOS Rasisme were notified that Irving was arriving in Norway.

- We had to mobilise and ensure that we had enough people throughout the week. At this time we did not know that he came only to leave so early. Fortunately we got to use the whole week on him. But I think it is correct when you are engaged in a campaign that you make it realistic.

- But it appears that SOS Rasisme has been performing detective work. Is there some organisation behind it?

- We received many tips, and many conflicting tips. And then we have to sort out what is true, rather like a form of detective work. But we've tried to be careful not to make plans for things we don't have good reason to believe. For example, we have not charter any buses to Lillehammer, in reference to the protest against Irving's planned visit to the city.

The organisation SOS Rasisme has previously been in the spotlight. In Dagens Næringsliv in 2006 it promoted claims that the organisation is controlled by a small group linked to the Maoist Tjen Folket.[*]

Photo: ARRESTED - demonstrators again met David Irving when he left TV2's studio in Oslo. The police attempted to block the street for the demonstrators, photographers and cars so Irving could get out of the area.


* Website note on the Tjen Folket: Tjen Folket is a Norwegian political group that describes itself as Maoist and which critics call Stalinist. They give clear support to Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. The group believes that democratic government in Norway today is a form of "nonsocialist dictatorship" and wants to replace it with a class-free society. They have a youth organisation called the Revolutionary Communist Youth.


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