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Posted Friday, August 7, 2009

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Posted here Saturday, August 8, 2009

[source] [Original date: July 9, 2009]

URGENT, PORTLAND TODAY: Oppose Holocaust Denier David Irving!

Author: Rose City [i.e., Portland, Oregon] Antifa e-mail:

Rose City Antifa has uncovered the location of David Irving's lecture. He is speaking at Embassy Suites - Airport located at 7900 NE 82nd Street Portland, OR 97220. The phone number of this venue is (503) 460-3000. Irving's personal cellphone number is (305 •••• ••••). He is slated to begin his lecture today, Sunday July 19th, at 3pm.

We encourage folks to call immediately to express their disgust that this establishment is providing a platform for a notorious anti-Semite, fascist and fraudulent historian. It may be wise to take appropriate security precautions, such as blocking your phone number (*67).

For more information on Irving's shameful legacy please see RCA's previous Indymedia posting link to, or run a Google search. Information is widely available on Irving's crackpot scholarship painting Adolf Hitler as a saintly hero, and insisting that the Holocaust is a Jewish hoax.

RCA and allies are also on the ground directly opposing this gathering of white supremacists. If you are able to come, we welcome the additional community support.

If you have any information on white supremacist activity related to this event or otherwise, please contact us at or 971-533-7832 (voicemail).


phone: 971-533-7832 contribute to this article

I just called 19.Jul.2009 13:39 and spoke with ES Manager Theresa. She has already had a flood of anti-Irving calls. Good going peeps! See you in a minute at ES [Embassy Suites Hotel]!

3:30 Update 19.Jul.2009 15:39

indy reporter link

50 protesters out front some have masks signs and message "David Irving should not be speaking there" "We dont support racist bullshit"

12 police cars police walking around, talking, one on walkie-talkie, watching more police cars were driving up at 3:30

Way too many police was a comment "relayed to me by cell phone"

4:05 19.Jul.2009 16:18

update link

40 protester protest going till 5 or 6 Irving may have assaulted someone

ES falsly claims event can not be cancelled

4:20 19.Jul.2009 16:26

update link

<reports are by text message relay>

Front door was blocked for a while But was moved because --> falsely told "event was cancelled" then told otherwise Some threatend with arrest...but negotiated out of it

Event antendee says 911 truth group promoted event by phone Lawyer Stu Sugaman onsite legally disputing the ES claims ES management wont show "contract"

KBOO reporter is "inside the event"

4:55 19.Jul.2009 16:57

update link

protesters are leaving A reporter from KBOO is fine and is still inside the event

5:02 Update 19.Jul.2009 17:06

RCA link

As of shortly before 5:00PM all anti-fascists have left from Embassy Suites.

Feel free to continue calling the hotel (503 460 3000) or--even better--David Irving on his cell phone (305 •••• ••••). Don't forget to hide caller ID (*67) if calling the fascist scumbag!



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