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Posted Saturday, October 24, 2009

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British writer David Irving hosts a dinner in Atlanta, October 23, 2009 and speaks on Real History

PHOTO: Some of the guests who came to dine well in Atlanta on October 23, 2009 and hear Mr Irving talk about how far Real History can be written using the messages of the Nazis decoded by the British; BELOW -missing from the picture is the photographer J., Mr Irving's indispensible assistant, being properly addressed by the personality visible on the television display


David Irving Enigma machine

David Irving spoke in Houston, Texas earlier about writing Real History from the decoded Enigma-machine messages of the Nazis [Register to attend such functions]



Our dossier on the Origins of Anti-Semitism
"Anonymous internet insurrectionary anarchists have problems with this article"
Jackson, Mississipi: "Holocaust denier" appearing at city hall? | Jewish Telegraph Agency reports Jewish group seeks to bar Irving from talking in Jackson, Miss - Now let's see, it was the JTA that tried to link Mr Irving with the Oklahoma City bombing too (he speaks in OKC Thursday Oct 15)

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