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Posted Monday, November 23, 2009

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

David Irving's Clearwater Lecture: Enigma Decodes

By Stephen Dahl

YESTERDAY I attended the "closed circuit" lecture (high security provisions) on Enigma Codes given by the foremost WWII historian, David Irving. In short, he has extensive proof that the Reinhardt Camps (named after an official of the Reich finance ministry) were the true "death camps" and not Auschwitz, as propaganda claims.

Mr Irving has extensive access to the secret recordings of enemy officers held captive in England, whose private conversations were recorded by ingenious means.

Whereas today Auschwitz is a reconstructed "Holocaust theme park" (Irving) with a half-million annual attendance, Treblinka - one of the Reinhardt camps - is an isolated patch of forest and fields with little tourist attraction or money-making potential.

Photo: Himmler, Hitler, at state funeral for assassinated Heydrich, and his sons


One major reason for its anonymity was the fear of SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler and and his chief lieutenant Reinhard Heydrich that Hitler would find out about the fate of the Jews sent "to the East" (whence they originally came).

Indeed, thousands of Jews were sent not in cattle cars, but regular passenger trains supplied with substantial food stocks and "the necessary tools" so they could resettle themselves in Minsk (one destination given). Unfortunately the Nazi governors of the East were hard pressed to feed even prisoners of war, and these Jews ended up receiving "special treatment", i.e. extermination, and were laid out like sardines in open pits, machine-gunned, then bulldozed over. Something like the Katyn Massacres carried out earlier by the Soviets which were no less crude and methodical.

The British had 30,000 people at Bletchley Park and elsewhere working on monitoring the messages and decoding; their capture of an Enigma code machine and their construction of the world's first major computer often allowed them to read enemy messages within a short time of their transmissions. These decodes were carefully compiled and thousands of pages of them are available to the public.

decoded messagesMr Irving has read all 43 volumes of the SS and police-chief transmissions. At the end of his talk he also added that intercepted code messages revealed that the Allies knew that on July 12, 1945 the Emperor of Japan had approached Stalin through the Japanese ambassador in Moscow asking for the Soviet Union's good offices to help Japan surrender to avoid further unnecessary bloodshed.

Despite this surrender attempt, the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima; the city was chosen because they wanted to see the exact damage wreaked upon a city that had been previously unbombed.

One decode Irving read us was that of the Great Escape (which took place in Poland) in which "87 British air force officers have escaped" from Stalag Luft VII in Silesia, Germany.

The most important information is that Heydrich and Himmler set up his surreptitious "Reinhardt" killing operation in the four "death" camps. This liquidation was actually forbidden by Hitler, who wanted to ship the Jews out of Germany to whomever would take them.

Adolf Eichmann, as is well known, sent many thousands out to the Middle East via the Jewish Resettlement agency. Auschwitz, although many died there of various causes, was a brutal slave labor camp. Today the first thing you see at Auschwitz when you park your car is a big "Hot Dog" stand in the car park (labelled in English, no less).

Mr. Irving read numerous decodes and dates and presented a good case for his thesis that Himmler/Heydrich had begun their sinister "ethnic cleansing" without any approval from above.

Some information came from a rebellious army officer, who disagreed with pointless mass executions of Jews being put to useful manual labor, and who filed a complaint with head office. This led to Hitler's outright proscription of "special treatments," although we do know that he ordered the outright summary execution of all Soviet commissars and partisans.

Any student of the war will realize these "partisans" were often neither pro-Russian nor pro-German, they were like Quantrill's Raiders, simply brigands, and were killed by both sides. Hitler had long promised the "Ausrottung" or "uprooting" of the Jewish "parasites." But he was politically astute as to not make martyrs of them directly. Behind the cover-up was also Josef Goebbels, who was a hater by nature and who had masterminded the Kristallnacht of 1938.

Indeed, Hitler heard of this after its inception, and issued a general order forbidding its continuance. Not what you read in standard history books.

Of course, as the war progressed, all conditions became worse. But it is noteworthy that many of the starved survivors at Auschwitz had been sent there from camps in the east already overrun by the Russians. Moreover, the Holocaust is never mentioned by Winston Churchill in his volumes nor by William Shirer or other contemporary authors and historians.

Why the delayed secrecy on the Enigma issue? Simply, the Combined Chiefs of Staff directed in September 1945 that the Germans must never learn that that they had lost the war through such trickery, thus fomenting another possible "stab-in-the-back" theory, as after November 1918.

Why did the British not release the recordings of German officer POWs talking amongst each other sooner? Answer: It is a violation of the Geneva Convention to eavesdrop on POWs. British Prime Minister Harold Wilson tried to have Mr Irving imprisoned on this charge in the 1970s for possessing a number of the then Top Secret recording transcripts.

By 1964 Mr Irving had deduced the secret of the vast Bletchley Park codebreaking enterprise but he was warned by the British Government that he must "never reveal this discovery whilst he lived."

So, Irving says, he has placed himself between the Revisionists, who say no mass executions took place, and the Holocaust fanatics, who can never stop bringing up the subject and who have coined billions of dollars by exploiting it. I consider it ironic that the Jews complain about being persecuted, when Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and their Jewish Commissars killed almost one hundred million "Christians" during the twenties and thirties! The Russian slaughterhouse!

In short, this lecture was the best and most complete I have heard David Irving give. I admire intensely his endless labors and digging into the ash-heap of WWII. He also pointed out that nowhere in Europe can one question the Holocaust without paying a fine or doing jail time. The recent remarks of the British Bishop Williamson have cost him a twenty thousand dollar fine in Germany -- without charge or trial (they expect you come to protest, then arrest you).

What is the reason for that? If the history of the Jewish tragedy is so clear-cut, no such law would need to be on the books. Mr Irving himself was jailed by Austria late in 2005 for giving a lecture sixteen years earlier in Vienna. He was held in solitary confinement for four hundred days by Hitler's successors in Austria. Any suppression of free speech can only result in exaggeration on both sides of the Holocaust fence.

Moreover, anyone who knows David personally can easily determine he is not a Holocaust-denier nor an anti-Semite. Of course, the new saw may apply: "An anti-Semite was previously someone who didn't like Jews. Now, he is someone whom the Jews don't like."

We are living in an age of lies. Mr Irving's career began with his book on the Dresden bombings, a classic. Details of the planning were told him by "Bomber" Harris himself (right, with Mr Irving in 1962). And he told another story about General Leslie R Groves, who supervised the Manhattan project. It was an hour overflowing with fascinating discoveries, and I, like the other forty or so there, were kept spellbound.



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