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Posted Monday, March 1, 2010

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Ernst Zündel a free man at last - released from Germany's Mannhein Jail this morning after many long years - but for how long?

Monday, March 1, 2010

From Ingrid Rimland - Mrs Ernst Zündel

THIS morning at 2:45 EST I received a phone call from our British friend, Lady Michele Renouf, who told me: "We have him in the car! All is well! Here he is..." and I could exchange a few happy words with my husband.

Ernst assured me that his release went smoothly and that he would call me a bit later with additional details.

Half an hour later I received a fax from his lady attorney, Alexandra Rittershaus, who told me:

"Ernst is in freedom. A few people were [at the prison gates], but everything went peacefully. I did not have an opportunity to talk to him, but he looked happy."

Above is a photo taken just a few minutes ago, showing Ernst with his splendid Austrian defense attorney, Dr. Herbert Schaller who, at the young age of 87, fought like a lion for Ernst's release!.




Seven Years Behind Bars - longer than Pastor Niemöller. On March 1, 2010 Europe's best-known political prisoner, Ernst Zündel, was released from prison in Germany -- "the freest Germany that has ever been", as it likes to call itself, despite 50,000 arrests for "thought-crimes" every year.






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Ernst Zündel in a German courtroom
Photo: Ernst Zündel in a German courtroom, where he was sentenced
to five years in jail for statements on a California-based website

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