Do you recognise these faces? We will pay you a Reward!

The Minneapolis police authorities have asked us to identify the criminals who attacked David Irving's Minneapolis lecture on Friday, November 16, 2012 and caused extensive criminal damage to the five-star Graves 610 Hotel. All those identified in these photos may face federal charges and civil claims if found guilty in a court of law, as they have participated in a joint venture.

We will pay $25 to the first claimant for each face correctly identified and $50 if an address and phone number are also provided for the face, and a $200 reward if the person is subsequently convicted. If you wish to deal separately with the Minneapolis Police, call them at 612 673 or write them, citing Incident File Number 12-357248, officer badge number 0214, and Squad Number 160. Those present who feel their civil rights have been violated (a federal offense) should furthermore contact Minneapolis Police Crimes Victims Justice Unit at 651 201 7310.

Identify the faces of these criminals? We have already paid the first rewards and passed the data to Minneapolis Police.


Sunday, November 18, 2012: A researcher has supplied an initial set of photographs of known Jewish, Marxist and Leftist agitators for comparison purposes. Can you do better? Help the Minneapolis Police to round up this criminal gang. NAMES, ADDRESSES, PLEASE! -- Here are the links which the pdf may have scrambled: anti-racismprotesters | communitymobilizes | YouTube 1 or YouTube 2

Image #3

Who is the porky female in white?

see also Image #17 below. Is it Caylin Crawford? (pdf)

Image # 4

Image # 5




Image # 6

Image # 7

Image # 8

Image # 9

Image # 10

Image # 11

Image # 12

Image # 13

Image # 14

Image # 15

Brendan Willis (pdf) (far left) is a member of IWW (Industrial Workers of the World). He is also in images 4, 11, and 13. Address not yet ascertained.

Susan Kikuchi.

Image # 17

Who is the porky female in white? We think it is none other than Caylin Crawford.

see also Image #17 below. Is it Caylin Crawford? (pdf)

Caylin Crawford album

Caylin Crawford album

Image # 18

David Boehnke, the thug in the woolly hat, is also in images #3, 5, 11, 17 and 19

see also Image #19 below. David Boehnke (pdf) - phone 651-315-4222, volunteer EXCO organizer

James Fellman

James Fellman (pdf) attended the Seattle Solidarity event.

His facebook page

Image # 19


We offer a reward for identifying the book-ripper above, seen tearing pages out of an 85-dollar book snatched from the book table. Where can the Minneapolis police now find him? We are anxious to assist them in every way. (He is also seen in pictures 4, 5, and 12.) It is all reminiscent of the Nazi book-burning methods.

Below: An overview of some of the criminal damage inflicted by the people photographed above in their joint venture. We need their identities to enable the police to prosecute them all.

Image # 21