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Documents:  Travel Preparations


[E-mail from BBC to David Irving, June 16, 1998:]

I am sorry that we have taken so long to get back to you about the filming dates for Poland.

The schedule is beginning to shape up and the most ideal time from our point of view would be to go week commencing Monday 10 August, or, if not, the following week, commencing Monday 17 August. It will be a one day shoot, with travel days either side.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if any of these dates suit you.

Regards, Jo Lapping [assistant to Nicholas Fraser]


[E-mail from David Irving to BBC, June 16, 1998:]

I have blocked off the whole week after our return from our US tour, which is on Monday August 17 early a.m., and you (BBCtv) can make whatever dispositions you choose with my time during that week, assuming that this project goes ahead as we all hope. Ideally we should fly out on Tuesday or Wednesday.

2. I shall want to stay on, researching privately at the Auschwitz location, for one to two days after you have finished with me, reviewing the materials in their archives (I am currently considering writing a Heinrich Himmler biography), so if you are making firm airline bookings please take this into consideration, making my return flight from (no doubt) Krakow to London on (I suggest) Saturday morning August 22.

3. At risk of becoming tedious by repetition, let me emphasise that no part of my outward or return journey can touch German territory, even in transit lounges, as I am banned from the German Federal Republic.

4. I have no objection to meeting with Polish or other Holocaust survivors or veterans of the Auschwitz camp, whether on camera or off; but I will not participate in any demonst-ration, whether staged or otherwise, and should one materialise I will immediately do the opposite!

Regards, David Irving


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