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Documents:  Auschwitz State Museum informs BBC they will not Allow any Visit by them with Mr Irving to the site

[E-mail from BBC to David Irving, July 21, 1997]

David Irving Esq
81 Duke Street
London W1

20 July 1998

Dear David

We've just received notice from the Auschwitz Museum, to the effect that they will not allow you access to the library or to any of the camp grounds. They control every inch of what used to be the Auschwitz complex and it would seem that we would be unable to film with you there. Reluctantly we have decided that we can't go ahead with our original plan. It just isn't possible.

Needless to say I am very sorry about this and I have tried in vain to convince the museum that this is not necessarily a way to promote freedom of speech. However, they are quite adamant and there is nothing I can do.

We propose instead to film with you in London. I am away for the next two weeks, but I will be in touch. It would be useful if you could let us know your general availability as the shoot may now be delayed.

Can I say again that I am very sorry that all of this happened. I understand the point of view of the Auschwitz Museum, but I don't accept it.

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Fraser


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