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Posted Friday, August 28, 1998



We have received this prison letter from Günter Deckert, family man, ex-schoolteacher, local councillor and national political leader: one of the most prominent victims of democratic Germany's laws for the suppression of free speech. He has now been held in jail for four years for translating a lecture by Fred Leuchter, and for chairing a lecture by David Irving. We invite our visitors to write letters of encouragement to him.

Post Box 3010
D 76643 Bruchsal



American as well as British friends of FREE SPEECH seem to be afraid of measures/steps taken against them if they give their full name and address when writing to me letters of support, and even send money (cash) with. THUS I cannot thank them.

I would therefore appreciate very much, if YOU could inform "your people / readers / supporters" that I am very thankful for the letters of support and the donations.

The special measure, not to hand [over] and forward letters / cards not written in German seems to be abolished ..., maybe as a result of different steps I had undertaken -- the federal institutional court involved as well.

BUT they, i.e. the prison authorities, still try to isolate and re--educate me by

  • preventing me from communicating with persons known as revisionists -- in the case of Prof. Faurisson.
  • refusing to hand me all material of a revisionist character, even material which is not yet a crime under the Bonn-German special "Auschwitz / Oswiecim law"(§13o)


  • refusing to hand me material from political parties not regarded as "established ones", though not (yet) forbidden, i.e, DVU, NPD, Republikaner.

They even tried to exclude persons from visiting me, i.e. people whose data are stored in the computers of the Verfassungsschutz, i.e. the political police / thought police...

I also inform you that my lawyer, RA Ludwig Bock, Mannheim, has now been accused of "Volksverhetzung"(§13o / incitement) by this madman of a prosecutor, Klein of Mannheim, for having demanded to "hear evidence" of prominent politicians like Rainer Herzog, President of the Federal Republc of Germany, of Helmut Kohl, chancellor, of Frau Rita Süssmuth, president of the German Parliament/ Bundestag, to prove that politicians block the finding of the historical truth.

I myself have got a new charge for having asked a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz and Dachau detailed questions as to his personal life.

The fight has to go on, and it will go on. Best regards.


Günter [Deckert]

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