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Posted Sunday, October 4, 1998
updated Sunday, October 18, 1998


DOCUMENTATION -- 1987 style . . .

June 20, 1987

Blood of Jews now directly on Hitler


NEW YORK.--Thursday: UN War Crimes Commission files recently obtained by Israel contain the first evidence of Adolf Hitler's direct and personal involvement in the extermination of Jews, Israel's UN Mission said today.

The evidence showed the Nazi leader personally ordered the mass murder or more than 10,000 Jewish women and children in the village of Skirotawa, near Riga, in Latvia, in 1941.

The Jewish men or the region were sent to labour camps.

The Israeli mission said in a press statement: "This is the first piece of evidence that shows Hitler's direct and personal participation in the extermination of Jews.

"It also confirms that the systematic extermination of Jews was already being pursued at an early stage of the war."

An Israeli spokesman said he was unable to provide many additional details without breaching rules of confidentiality imposed on by the UN.>>


The archives have been with the world organisation since the UN War Crimes Commission was disbanded in 1948.

The spokesman said the testimony about Hitler's role was contained in evidence given to a member of the 17-nation Commission by a Nazi Major-General who witnessed the mass killings and by one of the Nazi commanders in Riga.

Israel is campaigning to have UN rules changed to permit free access to the war crimes files, now restricted to governments.

Last month it requested and received 347 dossiers containing names of nearly 40,000 people and earlier this month obtained nearly 500 more, including those on Hitler, Martin Bormann, Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler and others.

As examples of historical data contained in the files, it said that of 142,000 Czecho-slovakian Jews killed by July 1943, 51,000 were women and 49,000 were under the age of 21. It details the destruction of Polish Jews in Lodz, Sobibor, Treblinka and Chelm; medical experiments conducted by Nazi doctors in various death camps and the fate of Jewish prisoners in the Theresienstadt camp in Czechoslovakia.

Our opinion
THIS WAS AN interesting example of Jewish or Israeli hype. David Irving had first reported the existence of the interrogations and CSDIC eavesdropping reports on Walter Bruns, to which this news release clearly refers, in his biography Hitler's War in 1975 and 1977. In 1987 however, for a political propaganda point, it is resuscitated by the Israelis (the above news item) and claimed as their own "discovery".

If it is true that this was the"first piece of evidence" incriminating Hitler, it follows that until 1987 there was no such evidence, and that all those who excoriated David Irving for making precisely that point were talking through their hat.

Whether the Bruns statements constitutes sufficient evidence, our Website visitors can themselves judge [Click for the Bruns testimonies].

A few days later, the rest of the world's gullible press eagerly siezed on this proof of Hitler's guilt:-

BILD Zeitung

Hamburg, June 25, 1987

Israelis: Hitler an Judenvernichtung persönlich beteiligt
Hitler war direkt und persönlich an der Judenvernichtung beteiligt, haben Israelis festgestellt. Sie forschten in 500 Akten aus dem Kriegsverbrecher-Archiv der Vereinten Nationen in New York (USA), fanden Hinweise, daß Hitler die Vernichtung von 10 000 Juden aus Lettland unterzeichnete. 

June 26, 1987

Hitler ordered murder of Jews, Israel says

UNITED NATIONS -- (UPI) --Documentary evidence that Adolf Hitler had a "direct and personal" role in the murder of Jews contradicts claims that the Holocaust is a fabrication, the Israeli U.N. Mission says.

The evidence was contained in material from the U.N. War Crimes Archives, which came under scrutiny in part because of questions about Austrian President Kurt Waldheim's activities in the German army in World War II.

A preliminary examination of 500 files obtained by Israel June 5 also confirmed that the Nazis began the systematic extermination of Jews at an earlier stage than previously thought, the mission said, Hitler "personally ordered the mass murder of more than 10,000 Jewish women and children in the village of Skirotawa, near Riga, in 1941," the Israeli statement said.

Riga is the capital and main seaport of Latvia, which was under German occupation and now is part of the Soviet Union.

"This is the first piece of evidence that shows Hitler's direct and personal participation in the extermination of Jews," the statement said.

The Israelis, who are examining the files at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. said the document in question contains the testimony of a "Nazi major general who personally witnessed the mass murder that Hitler ordered."

The above news item is reproduced without editing other than typographical

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