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 Posted Wednesday, March 3, 1999

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ChurchillOfficial Assassin: Churchill's SAS Hit Team.


I am the author of the above mentioned book. The rights to make a movie based on this book, have been sold to Nick Nolte the film actor's KINGSGATE PRODUCTIONS INC.

Please consider carrying this true account of hunting Nazi War Criminals after the cessation of hostilities in 1945. I was the Sergeant in charge of 'BAKER TEAM'. My story should be of interest as we (British) worked closely with Belgian and French Special Air Service teams doing the same job.

Please contact either my publisher Phillips Publications Fax# 609-561-4967. Phone 609-567-0695 OR The William Morris Agency Inc. Literary Department in New York. Phone 212-903-1405. Fax 212-632-1223, to receive a complimentary copy.

Yours sincerely,

Captain Peter Mason

Our opinion
Mason's e-mail address is "Jedburg". As reader's of David Irving's Rommel biography, The Trail of the Fox (William Morrow Inc.) will know, Churchill also dispatched a Jedburg team to France in July 1944 to assassinate Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. They parachuted into France on July 19, 1944 -- two days after he was invalided out of the war when his car was strafed by a fighter plane. We await Mason's revelations with interest. (Hitler forbade assassinations of enemy commanders, as the diaries of Abwehr chiefs Lieutenant Colonel Erwin Lahousen and Wilhelm Canaris confirm).

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