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Pat Buchanan and the Jews

Author: Milton J. Rosenberg, U Chicago

Sunday March 14, 1999 16:26:00 CST

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On Sunday, March 14th, Pat Buchanan, appearing as a presidential candidate on the NBC morning program, complained that the student body at Harvard was some 20% Asian and some 30% Jewish leaving far less than proportionate room for "White Christians." If we are committed to protecting the rights of all groups in a multicultural society, he seemed to be saying, should not the majority group in the country have majority representation both in the student body and in the faculty of our "great universities."

Is this fellow a borderline antisemite or would suspicion of him mark the suspector as a borderline paranoid?

Milton Rosenberg
Social Psychology University of Chicago



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Our opinion
Treasury Secretary Henry R Morgenthau's diary records that in August 1944 President Franklin D Roosevelt advised him to take steps to reduce the Jewish proportion of Harvard's intake from the then current figure of ten percent, which he found intolerable; he felt a target figure of three percent would be more acceptable. As for the United States at large, Roosevelt felt that one Jewish family per town or city was all that the American people could be expected to put up with. Such views, which Morgenthau found understandable, would now not go down well on American prime time television.

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