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 Posted Thursday, April 15, 1999

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A Canadian Writes to his Public Representatives

Dear Member of Parliament:

I am Canadian citizen, taxpayer, teacher, husband and father trying to fathom exactly what Lloyd Axworthy and other Nato talking-heads mean by "humanitarian bombing."

Does it, as the header (below) suggests, blasting places and spaces in which ordinary people meet for peaceful, mundane purposes to smithereens?

Sincerely yours,

Orest Slepokura,
Alberta, Canada


Macedonia RefugeeON Tuesday [April 13], Nato bombers hit a graveyard, a bus station and a children's basketball court in Kosovo, the Los Angeles Times is set to report in a Page One story.

"If this is Nato democracy, and the fight for humanism and human lives, this should be held against their own honor," one resident of Pristina tells the Times.

"Maybe this should happen to them so that their children grow up in fear and panic. I don't like to believe this, but they have gone overboard."

"Bombs destroyed most of the two-story bus station, the main public transport hub linking Kosovo, the southernmost province of Serbia, to the rest of Yugoslavia," reports the Times' Paul Watson on the scene.

One witness tells Watson: "There is no excuse for this. There was nothing military here."

The targets weren't mentioned when Nato's supreme commander, U.S. Gen.Wesley Clark briefed reporters in Brussels [Tuesday] on the air campaign's successes.

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