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 Posted Sunday, April 4, 1999

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The Not So Independent

London, April 1999


by Robert Fisk

Once upon a time - last week, in fact - we went to war to save the Kosovo Albanians. After months of negotiating and a thousand broken promises, Nato's patience was exhausted. It was time to teach the Serbs a lesson and - dare we suggest it - revenge ourselves on Slobodan Milosovic, not just for Kosovo, but for the years of Western humiliation in Bosnia. But it was for the Kosovars, the 90-per-cent Muslim population of Serbia's Kosovo province, that we would draw the sword.

And our war is turning into disaster. The mom[...]

WE regret that by letter dated Tuesday, December 12, 2000 a Ms. Louise Hayman, the head of legal services at The Independent newspaper, requested that this article be removed from this website. We have adjusted the masthead accordingly.

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