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 Posted Friday, April 9, 1999

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Fresh German Outrage

Frederick Toben Jailed in Mannheim [see London Daily Telegraph, Apr 10, 1999]

ADELAIDE THURSDAY APR 8 -- It was announced from Adelaide today that Dr Fredrick Toben, Director of Adelaide Institute, the Australian revisionist Website, was arrested and incarcerated in Mannheim Prison today Thursday, 8th April, 1999 on a charge of "defaming the memory of the dead", the law introduced by Germany for the suppression of Free Speech. He had just met with Mannheim chief prosecutor Hans-Heiko Klein and criminal investigation bureau chief Mohr. It is understood that before leaving Australia he told friends, "The cause needs another martyr," so he may have been aware that he was delivering himself into the Lion's Den.

KleinHe is to be sentenced today Friday, 9th April, 1999. Geoffrey Muirden, assistant director of the Institute, requests all Website visitors to protest to their local German consulates and embassies by phone, e-mail and letter, and demand the release of this Australian researcher.

In a statement issued on April 9 Mr Muirden said:

"Adelaide Institute regards this this as a case of entrapment. He was thrown into jail after a private conversation with Public Prosecutor Klein. After being invited to return for a further conversation, he was arrested by State Security Police Superintendant Mohr. This is a violation of free speech on the Internet and an assault on his rights as an Australian citizen."

We will keep Website visitors informed of this latest of a long line of outrages against Free Speech committed by the Mannheim Public Prosecutor Klein (above right).

[David Irving broadcasts to Australia April 9, 1999 about the arrest]

Update, Sunday, April 11, 1999: A Mannheim lawyer has been instructed to defend Fredrick Toben: Rechtsanwalt Dr Bock, phone +49 621 156 47 47, fax +49 621 156 47 76. Toben's assistant director Geoffrey Muirden emphasizes that:

  • the arrest ensued as a result of entrapment by Klein and Mohr who invited Fred Toben to give his views in a private conversation. (Toben did not hold rallies, give speeches or utter any public comments on the Holocaust openly in Germany);
  • though the revisionist content of Adelaide Institute is likely to be mentioned in the trial, the Internet is part of the public domain, not subject to German law;
  • Fred is an Australian citizen visiting Germany; and
  • while his Website is legal in Australia, an attempt is being made to prosecute him for it in Germany, outside Australian jurisdiction.

According to lawyer Dr Bock, Fredrick Toben was sentenced last Friday to stay in jail until his trial. Since the judge is unlikely to agree to bail, the imprisonment could last for two to three months.

WRITING TO FRED IN PRISON People who want to write to Fred Toben should be aware that prison staff "vet" all incoming mail and could prevent it reaching Fredrick. The tone of letters should concentrate on boosting Fredrick's morale. The mailing address is Fred Toben, Politischer Häftling, JVA, Herzogenriedstrasse 111, Mannheim 68169, Germany.

Our opinion
 AFTER the US citizens Hans Schmidt and Fred Leuchter, and Fred Toben, we wonder who next will fall victim to Germany's extraordinary laws for the suppression of Free Speech. We have put together a list of German diplomatic missions in the USA for our American friends to use. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's phone number is +0049 228 562 001

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