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 Posted Saturday, May 1, 1999

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Zündel Victory leads to Bickering among his Tormentors

April 29, 1999

Says Harnick reneged on Zündel prosecution

I WAS pleased to read that Charles Harnick has decided not to run in the next provincial election (CJN, April 9). He touts all of his achievements as attorney-general from 1995 to now, but leaves out one very important failure that directly affects the Jewish community, as it does all people scarred by racism.

While in opposition from 1990-95, Harnick was the Tory critic for the attorney-general. Among the things he criticized was the attorney-general's inaction against Ernst Zündel. The provincial attorney-general has the sole responsibility and authority to permit the police to lay a charge under Canada's anti-hate legislation, which has twice been found constitutional by the Supreme Court in other cases.

During the 1995 election campaign, Harnick issued at least one piece of literature (delivered to my house) that said he would press the government to bring Zündel to trial under this law, instead of the "false news" law that, on appeal by Zündel, had been found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Having been made the attorney-general, and no longer just an opposition critic, Harnick reneged on his position and his promise. He has done just what his predecessors did -- nothing.

Bernard Katz

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